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UVC Exchange is an exchanging stage that consolidates the abilities of digital money and standard banking, permitting clients to buy, sell, store, move and procure digital currency assets from anyplace on the planet utilizing profoundly productive apparatuses. The organization creates with the assistance of an establishment, and today everybody can turn into a co-proprietor of a business by buying an establishment and accepting month to month profits from the organization's exercises.

What is UVC Exchange

The UVC Exchange group is building up an undeniable blockchain-based crypto-budgetary biological system that will empower individuals to make and burn-through monetary items and administrations in a protected and advantageous climate. The undertaking didn't raise assets for ICO/IEO/STO, the stage is the group's own turn of events and has been effectively working for longer than a year.

The organization has 5 wellsprings of easy revenue appropriate for each client, paying little mind to the degree of information and experience on the Internet and in digital forms of money as a rule.


Income Source

POOL OUROBOROS - OUROBOROS coin-stores/withdrawals (OURO ticket) were authoritatively added to the stage on April 29. Ouroboros is another age cryptographic money with a para mining system and the capacity to assemble your own reference structure incorporated with the blockchain. You can peruse more about the coin by visiting their site.

The UVC Exchange likewise added OURO trade sets to every other money. Another component of this posting is the capacity to completely pay for the UVC Exchange establishment with an OURO coin.

On May 5, the OUROBOROS pos-mining pool and a beneficial 9-level reference program for OURO pool individuals were dispatched. Clients approach a few venture rates with various quantities of coins and rates of productivity. An expanded level of productivity is conceivable gratitude to the Pool framework - the more coins in a single wallet, the more prominent the every day rate. This is one reason why it would be productive for OURO coin holders to store coins into the UVC Exchange mining pool.

Novel LIVE DPOS lattice on OURO coin!

The UVC Exchange stage was stacked with usefulness for beginning a multi-benefit framework, which will permit you to duplicate cash in 4 ways on the double.

● Referral prizes from the pay of your accomplices

OURO DPOS network individuals get up to 25% of their structure posting, and the reference framework is 10 levels profound! This profound structure can be effortlessly worked at UVC Exchange by utilizing data and effectively enrolling new accomplices.

● Income from shutting frameworks of accomplices

The remarkable states of the OURO lattice give an occasion to the two fledglings and experienced members to get pay up to 15% from the conclusion of any locales they welcomed accomplices!

Rush to take a decent and beneficial situation with experienced UVC Exchange Team Leaders!

● Income from shutting your own lattice

After the conclusion of their site, the accomplice gets compensation in OURO coins. From that point forward, there is a programmed reinvestment (reemergence installment) of the current site and the acquisition of the following site, and a 15% commission is charged on reference compensations to higher accomplices in the framework. The net benefit is accessible for withdrawal and further use on the stage.

● Daily pay from the lattice

At the point when you open a store of OURO coins in the UVC Exchange Pool, accomplices can purchase a one-time passage to the grid for 25 OURO (~ $ 1) and, along with the interest from the pool, get pay for shutting destinations. The day by day rate is 0.4-0.6% of the expense of the site. The main gatherings start from the second the welcomed accomplice procures a spot at the last degree of the site. With each resulting accomplice at the last level, the aggregate sum increments. The last rate will be determined and settled, an endless supply of the site, short 25% for the offshoot program. There are 7 locales altogether, and the higher they are, the more noteworthy the everyday level of pay in the pool!


Benefits of UVC Exchange

Profitable commissions

Make transfers, pay bills and send cryptocurrency without commissions within the system.

Reliable protection of funds

We use a cold storage system to protect your wallet. You can also restrict access to your account using Google Authenticator and IP whitelist.

Simplicity and ease of exchange

For your convenience, we have created a multifunctional platform where you can quickly and conveniently make transactions for the purchase/sale of cryptocurrency. With us, you will always be aware of the latest changes in the cryptocurrency market.

Affiliate program

Invite new clients on favorable terms and get profit! We offer you to independently choose the terms of cooperation.
Earn with us now!


Tokens Destribution


Advantages of UVC Exchange


About UVC Exchange

UVC Exchange is P2P cryptographic money exchanging stage that joins the influence of digital currency and standard banking, permitting clients to purchase, sell, store, move, acquire and procure digital currency from anyplace on the planet - across the board area.

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