reddit must be feeling the heat: "fictional internet points are probably the most precious resource in the world"

in steemit •  2 years ago

reddit announced today that they are once again giving karma for text posts:

As most of you already know, fictional internet points are probably the most precious resource in the world. On Reddit we call these points Karma. You get Karma when content you post to Reddit receives upvotes.
You may also know that you can submit different types of posts to Reddit. One of these post types is a text-post (e.g. this thing you’re reading right now is a text-post). Due to various shenanigans and low effort content we stopped giving Karma for text-posts over 8 years ago. However, over time the usage of text-posts has matured and they are now used to create some of the most iconic and interesting original content on Reddit.
Text-posts make up over 65% of submissions to Reddit and some of our best subreddits only accept text-posts. Because of this Reddit has become known for thought-provoking, witty, and in-depth text-posts, and their success has played a large role in the popularity Reddit currently enjoys. To acknowledge this, from this day forward we will now be giving users karma for text-posts. This will be combined with link karma and presented as ‘post karma’ on userpages.

Perhaps they can pretend their imaginary karma points are "the most precious resource in the world" for a while, but I imagine that their content posters may begin to prefer money at some point.

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