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Grow Fast at Steemit...Just Follow simple steps

Hi Steemers, All my friends New & Old (Updated)

Some Important tips/steps , by following which you can grow and earn faster....

  1. At Start Dont think about Earning especially Huge Earnings

  2. GO to Home Tab...then Open Heartily comment and upvote to all those posts to which u Like.....

  3. Dont Be selfish at all..... Just upvote....You will see sooner you will also b upvoted....its all give n take

  4. Start following people to whom you like.......You will see your follower also will increase

  5. Upload profile Photo (DP) but not any fake photo

  6. updates profile by Describing in few words ....what You are and what you looking for ?

  7. Just create Interesting and unique Posts n blogs

  8. Avoid Plagiarism and respect others copyrights

  9. Avoid non-ethical and Immoral posts

  10. Avoid spreading Hatred on name of religion, nationalism, race , gender or any other conflicts...

  11. The first Tag is your main Category so choose wisely

  12. Choose all Right and Relevant Tags

  13. Those who Follow...must Follow them back to strengthen the Relations

  14. Resteem the best and worthy Posts as it will give you and your posts a Big Exposure

  15. Maintain Level of Upvoting power at 80% ....only above you upvote....check ur voting power at) your username here)

  16. Anybody who follows or upvote you ...honour it and follow him and upvote his/her post as a good jesture in return

  17. NEVER BEG for UPVOTE or FOLLOW.... Be Honourable...just let the others decide

  18. Here you start....what you should do now.....if you learnt and get the idea from this post .....Just do it NOW....

  19. Share this post by resteem it....hence, other People also learn and take benefit from it..... Good deeds always result good..... so do it...

  20. Daily set your target of atleast 20 followers...daily posting of two good posts and not more than 4 posts....upvote all post u like but u must maintain your voting power above 80% level (see tip number 15 to check your voting power)

  21. Earn free STEEM and Steem Dollars (or any Crypto and can convert to steem power ) at Click HERE and Transfer to Steemit to increase Steem Power for Influence Posts and More Earnings

  1. Upvote .........Comment......and after that If everybody Resteem this post ...definitly everybody not only take benefit by posting but also get Exposure on it and See the result promptly yourself

Please Share (Resteem This POST)....and LIKE (by Upvote) .....To help more and more people of Steemit Community

Thanks to all

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is there a downvote? i think theres none right? so the only way to vote is upvote. also is resteem is like Plagiarism? or not? thats all i ask.

  1. Flag is downvote....
  2. resteem is not a Plagiarism... as it remains with author

ok thanks. i was resteem those who are not on the video. example are the ones who make videos of there traveling experience, and even cooking. i only resteem are tuts and stuff that are not belong to the life of the author.

the flag is the downvote.

now i get it about downvoting.

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