STEEM price is FINALLY dropping and I am HAPPY!

in steemit •  6 months ago

Soon I will buy more STEEM when the prize will hit the bottom!

I learned recently that in steemit it is all about the VESTs. (SP = VEST value in STEEM)
And when the STEEM price drops it means I can buy more VEST ---> Power Up with less money spent.

Here you can see your VEST ---- > <------ just write here your username

Why do I want more VESTs?

Every year it takes twice as much STEEM to buy VESTs.

That means if you buy now 1k VESTs for X amount of STEEM and next year your friend wants to buy 1k VESTs well he have to pay twice as much of STEEM then.

This is really great thing for long term hodlers!

But why?

To protect the influence of the investors/holders.

VESTs are like stocks of the company. When you own VEST you have equity of the company. You are one of the owner. The bigger share you have the more influence you have. As you may have heard new STEEM are released into the reward pool. This means that if you owned half of the company stocks and they would create new stocks out of the thin air you would own smaller share of the company and so you would have less influence.

Any how just wanted to let some thoughts out.

What thoughts do you have about the price drop?

Check this post by @sigmajin if you want to read more about STEEM economy:
Understanding the Steem Economic System Vests, SBD, Steem, Dilution interest and all those crazy things.

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I agree. I am a long term believer.
So any price drop is a good time to load up on Steem Power !!!!
I will be buying some more power on Monday.

Steem on !!!


Long term fow the win! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼😁

This cleared up some questions I had about Vests. Thanks.


You are welcome! :)