Huge Spider in the Dark

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Hello great Steemit community

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There's not many leaves left on the tree's, here in Denmark and the cold windy weather, has overtaken the most of the weather forecasts. I have an idea, about the bugs are watching the same forecasts as I do, so they are properly sitting down in their tunnels trying to stay warm :))

Last night I went out to smoke a cigarette - I was sitting in my wheelchair on the porch (as always), with my head buried in the phone and only looked up, when someone was passing by.

By a coincidence, I noticed a huge black spot on the wall, but I choose not to investigate it, because I thought it was bird-shit (we have white concrete wind/privacy walls surrounding the porch and the birds literally think it's their private toilet).

kS2AHpY - Imgur.jpg

Suddenly, it felt like the black spot on the wall moved a little bit, so I looked up from the phone and noticed something there looked like a leg - I turned on the phone spot light and there it was, a huge "house spider" (it's season for them to move inside, but not in MY house - they can grow up to 10 cm. in diameter).

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Good night my friend, good post


Thanks @juanmallorca I'm still learning 😉

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