HUAWEI P9 lite - update error

in steemit •  last year

If you have trouble with your Huawei P9 lite and it won't start up, then keep reading.

After a few frustrating days without my phone, I'm now back on again 😀

Thursday afternoon, my phone choose to "die" in my hands - after a short time in panic, I calmed down and began trying to figure out, what could be wrong.

I couldn't find any "new" error reports, whenever I Googled the error(I tried many things, many times!).

Every time I turned it on, it wouldn't get any longer than to begin loading in EMUI - I tried to HARD reset, SOFT reset and I almost tried to throw it out!😰

But finally - when I tried to turn it on tonight, it began to download and install EMUI and now it runs perfectly 🙌

If you got an EMUI error on your Huawei phone, then don't worry, keep calm and keep on trying, to turn it on!

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