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While exploring all the functionality available through steemit UI I stumbled upon witnesses. It asked me to select the witnesses for my account and i could select upto 30.

I wondered what a witness is before I searched and figured out. Impressed by how the steem blockchain works, I want to be a witness and have decided to remain committed till I have means to afford it. I have found this article and seems @Someguy123 can help you completely manage your witness server if you are looking for help. I shall follow his tutorial to set up the server for myself. Meanwhile if you need motivation to be a witness yourself please read this article

So from my google cloud account I have selected a VM with 8 vCPU and 52GB Ram with 300 GB disk to start with. Whoosh! That's going to cost a fortune.


I have installed docker and in root of machine. Please refer to my previous article on docker, just in case you want to know more about docker.


Step 1: Get the scripts

git clone

When you install docker you automatically get git as docker is based on it and uses it for repository management.

Well, the script also has support for installing docker so in case you need installing it just run ./ install_docker from the folder where you have pulled the scripts.

Step 2: Download a pre-compiled steemd image

./ install


Apparently, it has downloaded two docker images.

Step 3: Download the blockchain

We shall now download the steemit blockchain on this node so that this instance syncs faster and ready sooner than it would be if we run the steemd daemon directly.

./ dlblocks

It shall take a while so lets watch following video meanwhile. It's a must watch for everybody even if you have just born on internet or a geek who knows how to use facebook, reddit and twitter.

I shall do rest of the steps tomorrow that includes creating a wallet from wallet CLI and setting the ACTIVE KEY (Private) to set the witness name to be my account name.

Thanks for reading.

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