If not Steemit, then what?...

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Hello Steemians,

I hope all is well with you, I am back in the city after spending a wonderful time with my family and relatives back home.


I have been away for a while and I will be honest it was really hard not to go on Steemit. I miss Steemit especially my Steemian friends. Hope you all are doing well.

It has been a depressing time for many of Steemians. I got depressed too when I saw the Steem price kept dropping, the whole crypto market is dropping. Although it is sad to see a lot of steemians that I know who are now inactive am happy to see some of my good friends who are still; @sunnylife, whom I still stay contact with once in a while. @paradise-found, @schamangerbert, @markvance, @drewley, @foovler and few more steemians.

I remember a year ago when we were barely making a penny but everyone was simply having fun. It was more about connecting with each other and sharing stories not really caring about each other's wallet. LOL

In my last post, I mentioned the new platform which is already up and running. Though I won't be promoting it here because, to be honest, it's very boring, lol. I decided to leave the platform this morning and cut my loss before it gets crazy but the good news I was powering down when Steem price was high and I was able to buy it at a lower price and powered 1970.266 STEEM two days ago. =)

Though I was thinking as to weather invest that money on the Philippine Stock Market or in Steemit. I chose steemit because I still have faith in it and I was reading the Stock Market today, it hasn't recovered since three years ago.

"Buying and "mining" via posting = you get a lot more Steem overall during these times." - @donkeypong

Now, I will HODL again and hope for another exciting year! Steem on! ^_-

I wish you all have a wonderful weekend and hope to hear from you.




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Great to hear from you again! Hope all is well with you! I might be coming to the Philippines in January. Not sure if I can get to Cebu, I will be in Manila. Say hi to Rob!


Hey Mark! Everything is good, thank you. Rob said hello.
You should visit Cebu instead of Manila. =D


More places to see in Cebu than Manila unless you're visiting the nearby provinces ;)


I know but I’m going to see a woman I know there, hehe! Maybe I can convince her to come down there with me for a few days. Are you guys still going to be there in January?

Hey Gilaine! Nice to read an update from you! Looking fab in the pic:)


thank you dear <3

I wish you would tell me at least what the new platform is. #curious. lol

Well its wonderful to see you back.I hope all is good in your life and youre healthy and happy. Ingatz :-)


Glad you're still here. Everything is well on my end, staying healthy and never been happier. Will share more stories soon.

Thank you, you too, ingatz 😉

Welcome back...


Thank you 😉

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :DDD

Welcome back! I missed you.

As you said, many of the people who were active in the good days at the start of the year have already left when the market shot down into nothingness. I think you come at a good moment, when Steem has hit rock bottom (I think).

Do you intend to start posting regularly again? Hit me up on Discord, by the way.

Are you as busy nowadays as you were before? I thought you would have moved out of the country already. :P

I'm glad you're back. I also miss your little stuffed whale. You should post a picture of him.

Good luck! We'll be seeing each other around.


Hello there! I missed you too! :D

I hope everything is well with you and your family.

I think some of them are just taking their time off, once they see the price of Steem doing well again a lot of them will get back in Steemit unless they find a better platform than this.

I'll try to post regularly but I won't be able to spend time like the old days to avoid stress ;D

We haven't moved yet although half of my stuff are already packed, I'll tell you more soon ;D

Oh Mr. whaley haha! I gave it to my niece, she loves that stuffed whale ;D

Thank you and yes we will. ^_-

I guess I am the one who's taking picture 😂 .. 👐 Yeah! She's finally her again. Hehehe
Hope to see you again, Ate. Take always. Love you 😍😘


Yes, you were. haha

Love you too! xoxo

Look Guys! Who is back after almost 4 months, Yahoo

You know what I really missed your write in all these days and offcourse many other friends of your missed it too.

This is so true and frustrating when ever the price of the Steem goes down and down but HODLING APPRAOCH is all about to control the nerves and wait for the best time.

Felt so great to read your blog, I am pretty sure you had a wonderful time with your family family members @purepinay :)

Good to have you back!!
Emerging markets are very bearish right now. Most stock markets are not a good buy at the moment. Either most are on their way down already or soon to be (United States). wait for good opportunities to buy strong markets when theyre on sale!


thank you, ;)

yeah, just eyeing on good opportunities

Dear Gilaine so good that you came back to the nest! After 4 months we are still here and welcome you back with open arms 😉
Have a great weekend
Love Britt


aw thank you, so happy to see you're still here ;D

You’ve made a wise decision and I’m pretty sure 90% of the people in Steem are in the same boat as you. Steem is 2 steps ahead of the competition right now! Plus, Steem is the best! 😃

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What a beautiful family and great that you got to see them and spent some time with them and glad to see you back, even though it is a bit depressing with the steem and SBD's so low, but I also have all the faith in steemit and I really enjoy my friends here and new friends I keep on making all the time.
Have a great Friday @purepinay.

It's nice to see you back. Looking back for your posts after a long pause :)

The queen is backkkkk!!!
miss u sis!!!!
good to see you! Is that you?
miss u girl!! So happy for you.
Love you always.

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Oooh, I didn't know you could browse from Ulogs and comment on things that weren't part of the Ulog system. That's nice to know.

And you're still here! Rep 66, wow.


Hey @cryptosharon, it's good to see you. How's everything?


So so, mostly good, trying to grow and finding new stuff to do!

How about you? How have you been handling things nowadays?

I still have to thank you for all the help when we started. It was amazing having someone to push me up a bit. :) I think I owe my staying despite the circumstances to you.


Miss you more, sis @sunnylife 😁😘

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Beautiful family picture..
welcome back @purepinay.
God bless you and your family..

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Thanks dear 😊

Glad you're back! You're one of the few accounts I was visiting from time to time when I was just starting here. I just love the energy and positive vibes in your blog. When you announced that you were taking a break, it somehow made me sad because I know, I will be missing your posts.

Welcome back @purepinay! Steem on! ☺️💙

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Aw thank you, that's thoughtful.

I hope everything is going well with you.

Beautiful family

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No kidding! They look awesome in that picture.

We miss you sis @purepinay.. welcome back and masaya kami na nag enjoy ka kasama ang iyong pamilya.


Thank you, I miss a lot of you. 😀

Hugs!!!!! It's nice to see you back!!!


Oh you're still here. Thanks sis 😊 🤗

Hi @purepinay,

It's great to see you back again to Steemit, hope you will stay active here :D

That's awesome you made a decent profit from powering down! Good to see you back on Steemit


Yeah! Some people are powering down now that Steem is at $0.85. Buy high, sell low, and if the market starts rising, buy high again. It's a loser's strategy. Gilaine has been doing it better, lol.

Steem value was 0.80$ last year august before all cryptos Upsurge, I still believe that steem will boom again:))

Nice to see you back! 😉

Jupie Pinay is back :)
Well done with buying back at a lowe price. Hope cryptos are recovering soon.

Good job with the investment. This is sure to bounce back at least by the end of the year hopefully.
Oh, and welcome back. Hope to see you active :D


I'm not that sure that it will bounce back up by the end of the year but I'm prepared for a multi-year bear battle. :P


I sure hope it does, looking at the pattern it followed last year.
The battle never ends :P

Welcome back Gil! <3 <3 <3

Woah, you really are back in the community
hope this will be for a long time :)
hope you do well :D

Good to see your post again. Me to have been in hibernation on Steemit.
I was super busy with my project. Hope to start a new sprint of blogs.

Welcome back! Na miss ko food recipe posts mo @purepinay!



Thanks, dear!

Nice to see you here

Speaking of recipe. I just made one the other day. 😉

Glad to have you back, you are one of the few I look up to. Steem on.

Hmmm. I hope steem price rises then lol

So good to see you are back!!
God bless you Gilaine!!
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x



I missed you Papa Bear! HUGs!

I am very happy that you had a great time at home!

Glad to see you back madam!