Why Multicultural Cities Are A Pipe Dream

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Multiculturalism can be extremely dangerous, it can make a safe city turn into a dangerous one in almost no time, the issue lies with ghettoization, what happens when you immigrate a bunch of Jewish people, Muslim people, Portuguese, Asians, etc, into one "free" city? you get these ghettos, a Jewish ghetto (like we see in almost any city) a Muslim ghetto (like we see in Malmö, Sweden, where female reporters who don't wear a headscarf in public get punched in the face for being uncovered.), Asian ghetto (Chinatown, I live in Chinatown at the moment and some of these people don't even learn how to speak English, they just stay in their part of town and don't assimilate, that's one of the biggest potential problems to micro cultural wars and hatreds.

Here in Toronto, you will rarely see a black person or Muslim believer in china town or see them step foot into any of their shops, they actually have a mutual "gang-type" hatred for one another. Just last week there was a fight one block away from me where a black guy was accused of stealing from this one vendor but all he did was pick up a piece of jewelry to inspect it and see if he wanted to buy it (as almost anyone would do), and the Chinese vendor instantly thought he was stealing, and got into a verbal fight which escalated into the physical.

So what's going to happen, is this guy who came from Brampton (a majority black neighborhood is going to go back and say what transpired to his friends and family, further fueling this hatred. Same goes to the Chinese vendor, he will tell his whole family and friends what happened and it will fuel their hatred and prejudice on their side too.)

It's simple pack mentality, Why do all the punks hang out together, why do people who are into rap hangout together, or the people that are into electronic music hangout together? because that's a fundamental 'cultural' knot that they have in common. These "cliques" build up this dislike for the other groups. These cliques also tend to hangout in certain parts of the town, you never see a rap kid or a raver at at a metal bar, just like you don't see a metal head at a night club, they're different territories for different types of people. It's like if i put on electronic dance music and lil wayne around my friends who are all into rock music, they would more than likely say "What the f*** turn that sh*t off!", but if i played something like the Sex Pistols and Neil Young they would probably sing along and even head-bang along.

Now convert that into the adult form where the cliques are to do with race, religion, and culture. It's the same principle but only creates for more segregation and the ability for the that hatred and prejudice to manifest itself stronger and stronger over the years. Thank you for reading, any comments/opinions are always appreciated and responded to!


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