Why Getting Your Life Together Starts At Cleaning Up Your Room

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Humans are spacial thinkers, We think in the realms of 3 dimensions. Much like if you ever left a room to get something from another room then forgot what you wanted, but when you returned back to the original room you instantly remembered what it was that you wanted to get. Or how when you visit your old high-school and you instantly get back a lot of memories that you didn't even know existed prior to your visit.

Cleaning up my room was the best thing I have ever done to changing my life, I make sure its tidy to keep my mind tidy and focused. Who would have known that doing something so simple like that could go a such a long way in making your life livable again.

I urge you to watch some of Dr. Jordan Peterson's videos, he talks about everything that's wrong with todays generation and follows it subsequently with his advice based on proof of concept on how to make your life happier and more fulfilling.

You hear the saying often that your living space is a direct representation of your psychological state of well being. Even in TV shows and films the alcoholics apartment is always messy, this is one of the few things that TV shows and films get right in depicting the reality.

In today's western societies identity, social, and racial politics get rammed down peoples throat at gun point. This affects the current youth and young adults more than ever. Stepping out of high-school or university into the most record breaking competitive job market in modern history can be daunting. It is far too easy to give up these days for the political "norm" outcasts. Far too many people and myself included felt overwhelmed by all of this and decided to just shut off from the world and keep to ourselves, taking life's hits and refusing to fight back anymore. 

Back in January I stumbled upon Dr. Jordan Peterson videos on YouTube Professor in Psychology at the University of Toronto. I started watching his seminars on YouTube about today's youth and how they've become so nihilistic and self loathing because of how much they are burdened with in today's social-political climates weight over their shoulders. He was expressing how if we do not change or even address this problem that its going to create a generation of losers in the near future.

At this point in my life I was going to work, then back home and crawling into bed and sleeping until the next day, it didn't even bother me to be perfectly honest, I thought that its was completely normal to do something like that at the age of 20. 

You may be asking yourself why bother, nothing will ultimately change. The fact is that if you don't take control of your life someone else and possibly someone who you don't like will take this control from you. Taking actions and organizing yourself is the ultimate simplified recipe to taking back control of your life. In this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBR5v89L6gk video Dr. Jordan Peterson perfectly outlines taking back your life starts at simply cleaning up your room, organize your local landscape and change your physical space so that it has a better affect on your mental well being.


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Sigh. afk have some cleaning to do.


@landern, hahaha, don't worry man, you'll feel so much better you're done. Take if from me, 6 months ago you could barely see the floor of my bedroom, now I've been keep it tidy since then and I'm more successful in my everyday life when it comes to work and how I view my own success.


It's easier to keep track of stuff, plus it gives you a chance to go through all the stuff you can sell on craigslist, facebook buy and trade groups or offerup/5miles :D

Cleaning up is the basic act of taking responsibility, of owning, and without owning your self and your situation you cannot know freedom, and if you are not free you are bound, if you aren't in control you are controlled. As inside so outside, as above so below.


@baah, that was incredibly well said. Thank you for reading the article, I really do appreciate it!

Thanks! I've definitely noticed this in my life as well. Even making the bed in the morning leaks into the rest of the day. Wild stuff indeed.


Thank you for responding @funderground, and yeah I agree with you, funny how we over think the simple stuff.