First Human Head Transplant Operation

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One of the most ground breaking operations is set to take place in December of this year (2017). The first ever human head transplant operation conducted by Sergio Canavero 53 year old Italian surgeon who has been mapping out the procedure for close to 30 years. Seen as a controversial surgeon in his field and one who has a weird character that of which reminds me of a mad scientist is the master mind behind this extensive and risky procedure.


The outline of the operation is that the heads of the two human bodies will be "lopped off" and kept in -15c degree chambers so to rapidly cool down the vital organs in the head to prevent decomposition and brain damage. The patient: 31-year-old Russian computer scientist who suffers from a chronic and neuromuscular degrading problem has volunteered his head as a "guinea pig" to Sergio's operation. Then the head of the patient is to be reattached to the body of the brain dead donor.

Valery Spiridonov

The advent of this surgery is promising to revolutionize the field of neurosurgery, opening new doors to discovery!

How will he do it?

The Procedure called the HEAVEN Protocol (HEad Anastomosis VENture) involves the transfer of a healthy head onto a healthy body. A donor body is needed. This will involve reconnecting the two severed stumps of spinal cord to be reconnected. The procedure will last over 36 hours and will require over 150 medical staff in order to complete successfully.

The Donor will be a brain dead patient who is scanned for both mental and physical diseases. The height and weight of the donor will correlate with what Valery's full height would be had he not had this condition in the first place. During the procedure both the donor and patient will be anesthetized and given a tracheotomy to keep the bodies oxygenated and to prevent decomposition.

The severing of the heads will be carried out in a standard neurosurgical position, being seated up right. The cut will be made using a custom diamond blade called the "Gemin-O-Tome" sounds like a 1950's futurist contraption

The Gemin-O-Tome Tool

This tool will ensure a clean slice between for either of the patients making it easier to connect the heads back together. The two spinal cord stumps will be dipped into a black waxy like sealant that is designed to knit together both nerve endings. This substance uses carbon nano ribbons that was designed by a chemist by name of William Sikkema who is working closely with Dr. Sergio Canavero. Once the heads are severed and dipped a custom made turning crane will be used to shift the head of the patient onto the donors neck. At this point the doctors will have to move fast with the head thawing out quickly, they will have the time frame of one hour to get the head and nerves reconnected and to re establish blood flow to the head from the body.

If everything proves to be a success for the next 3 to 4 weeks the patient will be kept in a drug induced coma followed by months of rehabilitation treatment in order to insure that the body accepts the head.

Let me know what you guys think of all of this, personally I am excited at the speed and the direction modern day science and medicine is heading in. One of the few things that I tend to be generally optimistic about.


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