Please join us to raise the low voter turnout on electing witness

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What is the problem that Steemit could not solve for three years? It is the ‘low turnout of voters for witness’ that does not fit in DPOS. Steemit community delegated block creation and management to small number of witnesses, making blockchains efficiently, but it faces a number of issues with low voter turnout rates.

I just want to be able to make changes without breaking any existing structure. Therefore, I concluded that it was necessary to raise the voter turnout rate on electing witnesses than anything else.

■ We need to pull up the low turnout

The reason for low voter turnout is that users do not know how to do, are indifferent, or give up. If so, we have to encourage them to communicate well, create interest, and exercise their rights. First of all, voters need to be motivated to participate with interest, it is time to share any compensation to voters now.

프록시 비율.png

The above data shows that the sum of direct and indirect voting rate is only 43.6%! In addition, it seems urgent to raise indirect voter turnout through proxy delegation, which is only 5.7%

■ You can delegate your voting rights to @proxy.token

If it is difficult and cumbersome to decide whom to vote for, you can choose to delegate your rights to others. You just delegate it to someone who will do work, the user who is entitled to it will do the best judgment, vote, and share the selection process and overall results.

Collecting unused your voting right to one voter(account) will make greater influence. The voter who is entrusted with multiple power may demand a few witness candidates something to do. For example, public disclosures of sincere activities, plans and progress reports for steemit development, and some distribution of witness compensation, etc. Some competent witness and witness candidates who challenge the witness position will be willing to be highly evaluated.

■ How to do?

I will show you how to do it. First, I already created an account @proxy.token to get your privileges. Through this account, I will collect power as we communicate with each other. If you are interested in participating, please do the following @proxy.token and delegate your proxy to this account. I will let you know how to do now.

(1) Click on the corner of Steemit website and enter the ‘Vote for Witness’


(2) Type proxy.token on it, and click ‘SET PROXY’ to confirm.


(3) Click ‘OK’ to complete the approval.


■ You will be received PROXY tokens

Those who have delegated proxy to @proxy.token will be given ‘PROXY’ tokens, which is issued with a total of 10 million, in order to prove your proxy delegation and to share possible returns in the future. The PROXY token is for the convenience of these operations and to verify your rights. The PROXY token is issued to Steam Engine, so you must first install the keychain to check up. You can verify the amount of PROXY tokens in your account.

프록시토큰 스팀엔진.png

프록시 로고 120x120 바탕화면 있는거.png

The number of tokens to be paid will have a half-life. This is because tokens were issued in limited quantities, whereas proxies from delegators are constantly changing. Theoretically, a half-life is required to solve infinite fluctuations in limited quantities. In addition, it has also another reason to distribute the quantity in favor of the users who delegates ahead of others. As an example, it could start to have a lasting half-life from the first 2.5 million proxy tokens, following the table below.

Table: Proxy Half-life

프록시 반감기_영어.png

■ Your steem power is fully maintained

To tell you the conclusion, you do not have to worry about it anymore. Your steem power is fully maintained even you proxy are delegated. The upvoting power and the proxy (election voting) power are form the same steem power, but they are absolutely different. Therefore, you just delegate the proxy and enjoy posting and upvoting in Steemit world as usual.

■ You can change the Steemit together!

You can change the Steemit with participating the election with proxy delegation. If @proxy.token can collect your proxy and participation, I will work together to identify which witnesses and candidates are needed and helpful in the development of Steemit. I will exercise this power through the @ proxy.token and distribute any compensation to you by PROXY tokens.

By using this method, we will be able to express interest and support for prepared witnesses and witness candidates who want to raise interest and voting turnout. This is just the first step. I will also look forward to your comments and participation through @proxy.token. If you have any comments, please post with #Proxy tag. I will read all your articles carefully. Thank you.

위임 프록시 확인.png

Go to and enter ‘proxy.token’


Thank you very much. I have reserved one slot for you, and hopefully you can consider me as well: Yes, I am the author of the tools : and I am well-known in the CN community.

where does the value of this proxy.token come from? since witness proxy delegation does not transfer any token creation power like SP to you, where can you create value and put it into this proxy.token?
one possible source is witness vote buying (sort of immoral) but if you claim to vote those witnesses that really need help to develop this platform, then vote buying shouldn't be considered.