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RE: Have you heard of STEEMPEAK?

in #steemit4 years ago

This is a great find, Joe, thanks for the review! Will have to check it out later today.

This is why Steem is so much bigger than Steemit!!!

Also, this is why I don't badger Steemit Inc or Ned about the Steemit UX... everyone else is able to make better ones!

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Exactly. There is so many new Dapps coming out. And the best part is there is no added curation deductions for this website. So like to help the websites grow, take steepshot for example. Steepshot will take 10% of your curation rewards where steempeak will take 0!! There are detailed payout buttons also. My favorite steem site for sure so far.

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I don't mind sharing my rewards with good devs at this time.

Steepshot is great for mobile posting. I even did my food fight Friday post using it today, although it turned out not as pretty as I'd like.

Competition and open platform are making Steem awesome.

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Yeah true. 50% of my time spent at work is on partiko and steepshot. The entire basis of steem is only to change your point of social media. So what's the difference if I'm on steem or on Facebook. Nothing. It dosnt take away from Facebook, but it gives to the steem community 10fold! But yeah I post on steepshot every day anyways because I always liked Instagram. So just change your point of posting!

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Also, how are we celebrating when you hit 1k followers! Early congratulations!!!!

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Ha, thanks! The number is a little funky because there was a point when 50-60 fake accounts all followed me within a few days.

But yeah, I hit 1000, then dropped to 999, then hit 1000 again, and now I'm at like 1004. So hooray! But I'm most excited about the fact that I'm getting more people commenting and engaging with one another, and also increasing traffic to my .com site. :-)

Yeah I'm getting really excited about it. I get about an average of 5 or 6 likes on my posts, and two comments. Which is fantastic because those are all from active followers I have picked up this month. I'm betting the first 300 followers I got went inactive because of the bear market! Which is a shame but oh well. I'll be excited when I average like 10 or so comments a post. I don't mind when I don't get a lot of up votes, I would rather engage with the people but I also wouldn't mind like 1 steem a post haha!

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It takes time. Glad you're enjoying it... totally agree about the first few hundred followers being gone.


If they come back in the next bull run things will get epic pretty quickly!

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