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RE: Please Consider Helping Me to Save the Steemit Culinary Challenge With Your Upvote. *Edited Post

in #steemit7 years ago

Hi @rebeccaryan , I am just new on the platform and I was really enjoying the challenge! I even won a price last time ; the most creative entry!
I am donating 25 SBD right now after posting this to @woman-onthe-wing ! I hope it will make a difference in saving SCC!
Best Regards


Thank you @progressivechef!
I saw your entry and thought you did an outstanding job. I particularly liked your Alien berries. Your entire presentation was visually stunning.
Everything has now been 100% sorted and the contest will continue!
Thanks so much for taking immediate action. You went above and beyond today my friend. :)

Thanks for the appreciation dear!
Very happy that all is back to normal dear!

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