Two year anniververy of Steemit(it is not ust Social media,it is community)

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Steemit is a great social media. Steemit content is one of the best in the world.
These are the few success Steemit that have achived.
Screenshot-2018-3-24 Steem (STEEM) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics CoinMarketCap(1).png
a positive attitude and keep working toward success even when things get tough
These are the success of Steemit
Screenshot-2018-3-24 Steemit Statistics - 2017 06 23 — Steemit.png
these are the post and comments.
Screenshot-2018-3-24 Steemit Statistics - 2017 06 23 — Steemit(1).png
We build the future instead of predicting it.

Thank You


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Thank You so much for my first comment. i'll realy appreciate.

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