What Steemit Means to Me

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At this point, I'll say steemit means almost everything to me.

Before I joined steemit, I was a random media blogger that I was so glued to twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn etc. When I joined steemit newly, I wasn't really conformable with it because I felt it will distract me from my normal blogging so I found it difficult to even open the Web page and it took me a couple of months to come back and resume.

My steemit startup journey aside, though I know a lot of people look forward to hear of it especially the @kingbee family. Well, I'll tell it all on my 1 year steemit anniversary which is coming real soon.

To today's topic;

What Steemit means to me

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Let's say a random inquisitive person walked up to me and ask me what Steemit means to me.

I'll start by saying Steemit is my life because obviously it has become a part of me.. As I considered blogging my life and couldn't wake up any morning without checking my twitter feeds, Facebook feeds, Instagram feeds, Snapchat snaps etc, that's how I can't wake up without opening my Steemit Web page to read wonderful posts from other Steemians and learn alot from them, go through my own posts and reply to comments (it's even more fun right now because there will be a new video from the comment section of my Lip Sync Battle Post).

Steemit is equally a book to me... I learn a lot from this platform daily (though combining schooling with steemit seems stressful as I tend to consistent with what I post) but man's got to still flow with it because it's already a part of me.

Steemit is also a place of adventure; visiting the travel tags sometimes makes me don't want to leave as I get to see pictures that can keep the eyes wide open for minutes. It's unlike the normal day where I have to think of a place, or maybe I heard a name of a place, then I decide to go and look it up on Google... On steemit, I just get to see see pictures of places I haven't even heard of nor have an idea about (Steemit is such a wonderful place to be).

Steemit as a life changing platform; This can be talked about both mentally and financially. On steemit, I have done many things I never thought I'd do. I've always been that person that will say: I don't want to be known, I can't video myself and put up on the net (even though I was a blogger) but these are things I find myself doing as I joined this place and now I'm even hosting a show on the platform that requires that. This has indeed changed me mentally.

On the financial part, I really just can't hide it. Indeed, I might have had some little funds from other things I do and have been able to take care of myself but being on steemit, doing what you love, and getting paid for it? That's really helpful and exciting that I don't see myself leaving here anytime soon.

Keeping the most important part for the later, I'll just talk on socialism. Well, I used to be a shy person but with steemit, I have become that person who don't see boldness as anything especially when I found myself giving a seminar about steemit in front over over 30 people listening... Woah.. That was a big relief for me as I never thought I would be able to do that but then it happened and I can say Steemit did that.. Steemit came through.

In summary of it all, Steemit is an inspiration to me, steemit is a life changing place to be, Steemit is one great financial assistant, Steemit is a book, Steemit is a place for socialism.. Steemit is everything to me

Don't read past and no say what Steemit means to you using the comment section. Feel free to air your views, read comments of other users and most of all, STEEM ON.

Thank you for taking your time to read my post, I remain my humble self, @prechi.


yeah... I think I did

Giving up had never been an option...
Steemit is addiction itself.

One word Steem-on

exactly... when you join, its strange. but soon, you get addicted

Thanks for this.... Giving up is not an option... 😍

Never been an option

Thank God for steemit
Steemit is my life
Steemit is the reason for my laughter
Steemit is my bread and butter
Steemit is everything to me, am addicted to steemit. Tho combining steemit and school isnt so easy o, but we gats to survive.
Let's keep steeming👏👏

Steemit is everything to us. I can't agree less

Nice steemit insight @prechi. Keep the steem on. Upvtd.

thanks bro.

the sky afi dey limit ban, more grease ina ya stease #boomba

Thanks man. But you do this on steemit too?

Reading through this post sort of brought tears in my eyes.

You know, I was like you....I mean, the addiction to other social media sites and the likes.
I also became addicted to Steemit like you. lol

And, about the social part, mehn you know too na.

lol....Just like you, I couldn't imagine myself putting up a video online for the world to see, but interestingly, I do that consistently now, thanks to Steemit.

I still look forward to giving a speech to a crowd of at least 30 people though, or more...smiles.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, it really inspired me to keep pushing, no matter.

I still look forward to giving a speech to a crowd of at least 30 people though, or more...smiles.

lol... You really going to teach 100s


I sure will
Thanks much

You inspired me to stay on here.
You taught me a lot of stuffs.
Steemit is the surest place to be.

indeed... i agree with you. Its sad some people still waste their time on other places.

Lol i don't even know who loves steemit more now between you and i, awesome post brother. STEEMIT is surely going places...@dee-y over and out

lol.... I guess we all love it same way. Thanks for coming by

Uplifting ✈️✈️

Wonderful experience...
Nice one @prechi

Keep steeming!

I'll not stop.

Yea STEEMIT is the best I've seen

You can say it again

Wow! What a careful recount. I am learning from you boss

Thanks man

Nice one @prechi .....still trying to get along

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