@pratapavin - This woman made a world record of having sex, she will be shocked to know.

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Hello steemit community!
I write a simply word.You must have heard and seen many different people in this world. In this world people go to any extent to make a record. Today, we will try to learn about this subject about a woman who has made a world record of having sex. This record has surprised the world as well as people studying in medical science. So let's know about it in detail.


Let us tell you that a competition is held every year in Poland. In this, the name of the winner is recorded in the world record. In this competition, people present many types of skills and make their name bright.

In order to make a record in this competition, a woman named Lisa Sparks surprised the woman who did a unique job in front of her. It is being told that this woman had sex with 919 men for about 12 hours and registered her name in the Guinness World Record. It is believed that this is the world record of having sex with the most men in such a short time in history.

The most important thing about this sex record is that even after having sex with so many men, women were getting paces like normal women, which is also surprising for medical science. However, this woman's name has been recorded in the Guinness world record.

According to this competition, Lisa had 45 seconds of sex with each man. Let me tell you, Lisa is an adult star and she has worked in many adult films.

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