What happened to @floridapanther ?

in steemit •  last year
“You fasten all the triggers for the others to fire. Then you sit back and watch as the death count gets higher.” – Masters of War by Bob Dylan

What happened to @floridapanther ? Two months ago @floridapanther came roaring out of the gate with a great post What’s Darker Than the Heart of Darkness? Enabling Mass Murder
about gun control and the Parkland school shooting. For a first post it hit a grand slam and @floridapanther cleaned up with a payout of over $30SBD with his first post. It's taken me months and I still havent even earned back my first $15 Steem. So the mystery is that @floridapanther was a one-post wonder .. nothing else after that. Seems Steemit didn't interest him much after that.

One mystery around @floridapanther is that when I look at his/her wallet I don't see any listings at all. If it's on the blockchain, shouldn't the payout be listed? I guess @floridapanther never came back to claim his payout so the rewards for that great post are still sitting there .. ? What happens to SBD/Steem that goes unclaimed? And why doesnt Steemit retain great writers and content creators like @floridapanther ?

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