Golden cage of selfishness. From animal to Human.

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I look at a prolific and successful authors with a high degree of envy. I think they skim the cream from the pie, from which I get only crumbs. It would be cool to be in their place!

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A Part of me thinks like this. But another part of me understands that it's natural. There have always been people with special talent to feel and to express ideas, living in the mass subconscious. This people have a greater sense of contact with the world. With their inner world in the first place. It's people who are very sensitive to the world of ideas.


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But mankind invented so many amazing ideas.

Numerous ideas intended to make the world happy. The philosophers up on a pedestal every similar idea. Often this idea turn into a complete disaster and a big disappointment. And, in the first place, not because it is bad idea, but because people expect a miracle.

Why are we waiting for a miracle instead of just making our lives better?

Each of us has a sphere of anxiety. It's all that matters to us in the environment, but it is something we can not influence directly. As, for example, we can't affect the weather or influence the exchange trend or to achieve peace in the world.


Each of us has his sphere of influence inside sphere of anxiety. This is what we are really able to influence. It's a real space for the transformation of the world. The man concentrates his efforts on his  sphere of influence. Gradually the sphere of influence increases and tends to the limits of the sphere of anxiety.


For example, I want to live in a lovely, clean city. But in my city people throw trash on the street. In addition, I often do the same. And for most people in my town it is the norm.

I can start to invent a way to change all the people around. And can begin to change myself. I stop littering. In itself this reduces the amount of garbage on the street. In addition, by refusing to litter, I can inspire others to do the same. This reduces the amount of people who litter. And one day cleanliness becomes the new norm.


Someone can dream about decentralization or some kind of mathematical code. Which is capable of solving the problems of the human community. 

But the problem of the human community is only in the absence of the human element.

Of course. We're all looking for the consensus of coexistence with other people. But this consensus is deeply personal. Consensus is an agreement to respect the rights of another person. The rights of the other individuals can only be implemented one way. By taking responsibility in relation to this person. Thus, someone's rights it's always someone else's responsibilities.


Does it make sense to require animals to enforce your rights? Try to do it! You will not be able. You will be able to enforce them under threat of force, you will be able to train them. But your rights will disappear immediately after the disappearance of the threat of force.

The community that develops animal instincts in people will deal only with animals. Isn't it?

To be an animal


This means to follow the instinct of self-preservation. It means to survive. This means striving to be strong and eat the weak. If we act so, then in essence we are not much different from animals. We just built a more complex system of communication to meet our basic needs. These needs include food, sleep, safety, and sex.

To be human


To be human means to have values beyond the needs of the animal. It means to have a higher purpose of existence. To be human means to strive to understand your true nature and the nature of the universe. To be human is to sacrifice my comfort for the sake of achieving something greater. Isn't it?!

Society is a system of relations. And the relationship is almost always a conflict of interest.

Conflict of interest is an absolutely natural phenomenon. I want to do something, and someone wants a completely opposite thing. We are in conflict.

 Animals will try to find out who is stronger. We can see this in nature. The strongest is right.

But to human consciousness it is important to find the truth, not rightness. Sometimes we see that someone strong is acting against the truth. He is forcing us to lie by his power. If we were just animals we would have just obeyed. But no. We find the inner resolve to confront this lie.

Human conflict is constructive in nature.


From the point of view of animal conflict is always a winning of one and the defeat of another. Human conflict is constructive in nature. In this conflict two individuals compare their ideas about the world and Express arguments. The winner is the one whose position is closer to the truth. But in this type of conflict loser wins as well. As he broadens and deepens his view of the world.

A society that encourages people to gain humanity is able to defeat the animal greed, envy and selfishness. A society of people with a human consciousness is able to overcome any difficulties due to the compassion of mutual aid and mutual respect. 

I wish you always stay human. 

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