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Interestingly these long written posts that occasionally makes sense, and have a certain kind of viewpoint even though they may be disorganized, contain ideas and thoughts that can be brought out, filled out, merged with other ideas to create articles and writings that have more useful content and interest inspiring subjects. Now when I first entered the steemit platform I had no intention of creating anyting of this nature. Instead I thought, like on other social media, I would repost articles and videos I found interesting and thought pointed towards possible futures. As I interacted with the platform I found that it was not actually acceptable on steemit to repost in this manner, and that it was considered a form of plagiarism, where as to my thinking it was much more the case of disseminating ideas.

Still I found the platform interesting, and the fact that steemit has a form of crypto payment for content seems like an interesting game to play and so I continue even though I would have to now invent new subjects and content instead of just posting what others had created. Well this set off a loud bang of creativity that took all the bunch of different forms that didn't necessarily relate to each other, like writing pieces, or doing drawings and digital paintings, like taking photographs of food and making recipes, like taking photographs of different things that looked interesting and posting them, and all of these different ideas and some more I probably forgotten. Then I saw some video on steemit and D tube and I thought well I'll make some videos so I did that for a while, no I never did crack of the Egg of quality content on steemit as my posts are usually worth $0.02 or more, and that wasn't really the point anyway, though it would be nice.

And all of these disparate ideas started to coalesce into some kind of more coherent idea and I started writing about things and thinking about things that seems like a different way for me to think about a more holistic form of thinking the kind of thinking that receives the more experiential Direct sensation of feeling and awareness. So and as coherence coalesced new platform started to reveal themselves for these articles to find their way to and offers come in to publish. And now that's really a quandary, as to publish is much more indelible and takes more care and effort to create coherent pieces, and so the quest continues for Quality content.

Now this is all while I'm good and so far has the development of personal process and content evolution goes, though it will never bring steemit to Mass adoption because as long as there is a structure of judgement giving a thumbs up or thumbs down to anyone's post, as long as the communication aspect of posting is minimalized by these judgments, social the platform elude posting and membership by the General Public. This is exactly the same problem that the large media organizations providing social media half with a public, a centralized Authority, and Authority be at centralized or not, stands in judgement of the user's activities and this is the opposite of free expression and the objective of decentralized platforms generally. The cognitive dissonance of this aspect of the steemit platform filters through to the awareness of the general user very quickly.


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I do see your point that imposing judgement stands in the way of freedom of expression, however, I find that just the thought of my work being forever on the blockchain is a little intimidating, so self censorship.

Ah kansuze now that the article has had heavy revision, let's see if it's accepted even without your editing skills ☺