Steemit is a behavioural experiment

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So after yesterday's post asking why we invest our time in Steemit, I had a thought cross my mind that this platform is one big behavioural experiment. Let me explain.

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On many other social media sites trolls are the norm and most debates tend to descend into slanging matches. However, on Steemit we are rewarded for positive engagement and content, and punished for negativity.

Now we know there is a reward system in the brain that releases the feel good neurotransmitter dopamine when we receive rewarding stimuli. We then try to repeat behaviours that led to stimulus of the reward system.

We can receive rewards through Steemit by upvotes, positive engagement on our posts and payouts.

The interesting thing on Steemit is the downvote, that can reduce or remove payments; and also damage our reputation score. This is a major difference to other platforms available. I wonder whether this stymies free speech, and I have seen some posts suggesting that this may be the case.

However, my thoughts are that it encourages a non-confrontational way to speak one's mind. When there is the threat of financial loss through confrontational argument then you're probably less likely to do it.

Perhaps the platform also selects for a particular type of personality. We know that it takes some persistence and perseverance to get through the entry barriers to platform. Then it requires further commitment to get any traction and followers and SP. Then it requires a tenacity to keep at it, to further build your audience and find the inspiration and incentive to keep posting!

Anyhow, that's my thought for the day on Steemit.


Interested read, that was a great train of thought . The community will be driven to make a positive impact since everything is supported by value and any negative impact can impact the reputation scores.

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