I surrender

in #steemit2 years ago

It looks like my password will not be recovered through Steemit. I've lost some motivation to write, knowing that the ability to transact on my account transaction is limited.

Yesterday I applied for another account. My intention is to no longer write on this one, but begin again on the new one, if I gain approval. I guess it's a lesson on transactions on the blockchain, and to take more care.

The title of this post is partially about surrendering to the fact that this account is no longer accessible, but it's more about the life lesson I keep being encouraged to learn. I've been one to try to control my situation down to the nth degree, or finite detail. And I've learnt, that not only is this approach impractical, it doesn't work, and eventually I break again because I'm holding on too tightly. The break point is usually a relief, because then I have the opportunity to rebuild. Perhaps I won't make the same mistakes again, but perhaps I will. Lucky we have a lifetime (or possibly multiple) to learn this stuff...

My body conspires against me when I'm pushing things too hard. This week I pulled a rib cartilage in the most innocuous way! But it's a great reminder of the fragility of our bodies, and our lives. When you can't put your socks on, you have a new definition if life and how to interact with it. We take so many things for granted, at least I do - our health, the ability to head off to work each day to earn an income, being able to walk the dogs & play with the kids... I know this is a small injury and it's well in its way to being healed already, but it's a good reminder to take better care of myself.

The photo is one I took of sunset on the plane last week. I was in Melbourne and come back in the evening. It seemed to fit the title.


So if I get approved I'll put the details of the new account on here and start again. Sometimes it's nice to get the opportunity to start again, I guess.


oh jeez...how did u lose the password ?

it sucks..I did something similar sometime back

also keep in mind for future , for most of the transfers/logins you can use the active key ( not master key) , if you did not know it already !!

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