Powering up another 600 STEEM!

in steemit •  4 months ago


On my way to DOLPHIN status. Its been one of my first steemit goals to obtain 5,000 Steem Power and im going to fucking get there. So I decided I needed to put my money where my mouth is and I went out and got me an additional 600 Steem Power.

Thank you to all that upvote me, you guys are helping me reach my goal. Im not going to be selling my Steem holdings anytime soon and im going to continue my curation.



Buy the dips guys

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I doubt that my puny upvote would add any significant weight but still............ Got to upvote someone who is interested in powering up :-)

Also............interesting tags you have there ;D


nahhh your upvote is appreciated and hahah I wondered if people were realizing I write absurd things as the tags

That’s a great attitude! You set your goal and you are going to achieve it.

That's really great to power up your steem.
We all know this will prove helpful in the long run.
Beautiful pictures though

Keep on doing. I know you can do it great.

Keep that steem dream alive!