Which is the best way for Earning! Adsense or Steemit?

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Which is the best way for Earning! Adsense or Steemit?



Well, I am confused about who to earn on the Internet. In front of me, there are two ways to earn decent money. one is of course Adsense through which a one can monetize their content by placing ads. The other one is Steemit, through which a one can post their content and earn cryptocurrency. later they can change it to fiat currency.

But I am confused, that which one is the best way. Because Steemit takes too long to earn some bucks. on the other hand, Adsense can give you some benefits, if you have traffic.

So what is your views? Which one is the best to earn? Especially for Beginners!

Thank you


Well to me Steemit is best option because it takes very less time to earn some good amount of money. On the other hand earning through adsense is quite difficult than Steemit.

Well, You're right. But in my point of view it getting very hard in initial to take votes from others. Is not it @sheharyarqureshi

It's very interesting article. I have subscribed to you, I hope for mutual subscription

Thank you @volushka. Did the same.

Steemit have commerce like adsense for youtube works ?

If i have website so how can i earn with steemit ?

Hello @podinatutorials!This is very interesting topic which you have posted.According to me,Steemit is a very great platform for earn money online instead of Adsense because in steemit,we earn valuble crypto currency instead of fiatmoney.And these crypto currency's are in demand in the whole world now and in future if this value really increased by expert's projection.

Thank you for openion

You are welcome.This was happen because your post(content)is really strong and interesting..

If you have many followers on steemit IT,s better because more upvote=more money. AdSense and YouTube . . . If you have many subs then you have money too, but i think steemit have a better people who whatching on good posts and i think its easier to make money.

Yes @emsonic you are hundred and one percent right

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