Let's TEST Steemit For Good

in steemit •  14 days ago 

Hi Steemers,

few days ago I had some problems using Steemit. Tried to vote on some posts, publish a new post and nothing worked. I have to admit I am confused how it really operates now. Admins say that now it works. Let's try it out in the real world, shall we?


So today I am creating a TEST post. I just want to try out couple of things after the BIG update. I want to check:

  • if posting works
  • how voting works
  • if paid bot voting still works
  • what would be the outcome for invested Steem


I will try it out and let you know after a week. What was the investition, how much was the outcome. Yes, I can be your TEST dummy.

3, 2, 1,... GO!


photo credits: unsplash

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