Crowdsourced metadata via cryptocurrency

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I've been reading this book:

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A full review will have to wait, but the essence of the book is that markets run on information.  Importantly, money is only one form of information, and as the use of other forms expand, the use of money will contract.

Where that data will come from in the future is the automated digital capture of things as they happen.  But what about the past?  That information is also very important, but contained in other forms like paper and analog magnetic tape.  Public radio stations have started to experiment with how to transcribe this stuff into new forms.

(Nieman Lab is a fascinating website, by the way, if you are a journalism nerd).

This seems like a prime use for cryptocurrency like Steemit.  So much of the content on here is slightly repurposed from other sources, and some of us spend a lot of time flagging plagiarized materials.  Why not explicitly reward people for transcribing un-digitized stuff, word for word, to the public record?  Or for tagging with appropriate metadata?


Capitalism is spread all over the world and it's quite hard to escape that. World and technology is evolving pretty fast and we have to catch information every day. They say don't judge the book by it's cover, but this one is amazing. Have a nice day - @tonac :D

Their thesis is that we don't have to escape it, but to transform it from "capital-ism," with its emphasis on capital as the driver of the economy, to whatever we would call a market driven by richer, more complete streams of multidimensional data.

"Data-ism?" That sounds dumb. Too much like Dada-ism.

"Info-markets," maybe?