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RE: Steemit Absolute Basics for Beginners

in #steemit2 years ago

Thanks again! Great material - this should be on the top list of this site. I have a few more questions. I've noticed some days I upvote other comments or articles but they don't get any steem, why is that?

Another one, what if I never transfer steem to my wallet? What happens if I don't? Does it accumulate over time?

Thanks again, I may have more questions if you don't mind.


The more you upvote in one day, your vote loses strength and power and isn’t worth as much. The next day your voting power is restored to 100%. The other possibility is that you’re upvoting something more than seven days old. You can only upvote something up to seven days.

You want to transfer your money into your wallet as soon as you see it available. Otherwise it isn’t doing anything for you. You have to claim it.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Thank you, that makes sense because I could upvote but after just a few votes it looses steam (no pun intended) and it does nothing (counts as a vote but no steem is added to their article or comment).

In that case it would be added, but that’s what we call “dust.” It’s not enough to be .01. But it does still get added.

hmm, interesting.