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Hello everyone!

There appears to be some trash floating in the water. In the form of fake websites to steal your password!

Do not visit any suspicious links such as the following:


They offer fake promises of free Steem in a memo to 150 accounts. The only free Steem that comes of it, is the Steem they transfer out of your account and to their own. Do not fall for it!

The following accounts were sent a memo: @sipahikara @rikanurrizki @excitecontent @felicianor @ggirl @purple.parrot @temple2 @follows @pinphotos @rodmack @nicolerose @jamesthompson143 @marel @stevejhuggett @ayufitri @nante @purple.parrot @innavtsh @top1apk @dancingdragon @velimir @klip1 @princeest99 @grizzabella @kekohm @rameshkalarr @dreadnut @purple.parrot @kevinhand49 @eyman84 @monavento @gabberted @mildamimi @name-sake-name @erna0303 @amnlive @reliquary @hamida93687 @magicmonk @pankajmaurya @wolfnworbeikood @wolfnworbeikood @kevinhand49 @exhige @louis88 @quenty @denniskoray @ervin-lemark @lovelypic @profeyer @berniesecretary @thecryptoshopuk @wannastay @trdaily @sajtkuka @bugger @adip @foodndrin @kevinhand49 @nadyr @chocochoco @tasteem-kr @hallmann @nisamcity @creamer7 @creamer7 @cryptoyzzy @top1apk @goldheart @goldheart @cryptomaap @infa @cyberjz @andiwolf @caravanci @council @blockchance @sakib2018 @infa @shrishmeyy @makpic @top1apk @coinbaogao @bhaktidi12 @rajkumarsapkota @james143 @chutiyality @chutiyality @aramazd @fuzahidris @bigbigtoe @steem-jackpot @renakim @top1apk @shibasaki @veryspider @charlesincharge @themidastouch @basriadi @masyl @aricheta @summonerrk @barbara7875 @barbara7875 @barbara7875 @priyankasalunkhe @mortuzatohan @sinlg @kubak @wodamgei @rendyhafley @basriadi @barvon @joynalabedin @asadpannu @habibabiba @emansalah @nogodsnomanagers @manasiarora @riery @luthfinanda @nicolerose @kochmaster @reinikaerrant @vadim.spiridonov @ilianvassilev @pjcorts @kisielbardzo @wglenz @shaheerbari @topnetwork @achol @owoblow-steemit @domino @newgersy @steemcamp @aneilpatel @seo-boss @rossfletcher @joules7991 @maastro

Remember to STAY SAFE, and if you see anything suspicious to report it to the @steemcleaners at our Discord:

Vote for me as Witness type in pjau and click vote

Vote @pjau via Steemconnect



Thanks for the heads up.

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