Phishing Warning

in steemit •  4 months ago

Hello everyone!

Just a little bump to wake you up, but there appears to be some trash floating in the water. In the form of fake websites to steal your password!

Do not click any suspicious links such as the following:

Oh and this one too, a nice friendly follow request. SPAM in itself, but it is also accompanied by a phishing link, why exactly would you need to click a strange link to follow someone? YOU DON'T:

Remember to STAY SAFE, and if you see anything suspicious to report it to the @steemcleaners at our Discord:

Vote For Me type in pjau and click vote

Vote @pjau via Steemconnect


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thanks for this man...
great ..

Thanks for sharing this very important and crucial information with all of us.

thank you for sharing this information

Good job dude

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Is my account safe and why does the bot still flag my comments