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I have been there when the SteemFollower platform was born and it has been a really wonderful journey. Don't know what this platform is or does? Why not read till the end 😁

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Meet the creator

For those who don't know the platform, it was created by @mahdiyari. He is Steemian who join around the same time as me and I got to experience many of ideas very early on.

By the time of this writing, his account is 226 days old and already he is a witness. He has achieved a lot in such a short span of time and I have appreciated his vision.

The history of SteemFollower

As a minnow, when we join, we find it really difficult to get going on the platform. We don't get noticed, we don't know the community and more than often we get discouraged by the payout on our post. We think that we are doing something wrong or we are not welcomed on the platform.

This is such issues that @mahdiyari, and many minnow face when joining the platform. He disappeared for sometime after trying many different options to increase his post payout. He came out with the idea of developing a platform which will help minnows get visibility.

What is SteemFollower?

Of course I don't know much about @mahdiyari and his real vision behind the platform and that is why I kept my introduction of him and the history behind SteemFollower.

SteemFollow is a platform where you Steemians who have registered see posts of others who are registered on the platform. You can view only the latest post of all Steemians who are registered but there is a catch. In order for your post to be visible to others, you need to upvote atleast 5 others posts each day.

The login to SteemFollower is done through SteemConnect which is the most secure way of nnecting to Steem services. Hence, you can be sure that your password is not shared or stored by SteemFollower.

Just like on Steemit, you can upvote, comment and search other posts. The only thing that I haven't found is the resteem feature.

There is a point system which is implemented on SteemFollower which determines how much upvote you will receive from the platform. This does not mean automatic votes but it shows that your post will be visible till the target is reached.

When you upvote, you get points which determines how much upvote you can expect and when someone upvotes your post, the point decreases. Once the point hits zero, your post is no more visible. You can take from the platform only how much you have invested with your voting power.

What are the benefits?

First of all, there is no registration process as everything is connected to your Steemit account. Just login and start benefiting from the platform.

The second best thing is that there is only around 10 500 Steemians who use SteemFollower and hence you are sure that your post will be getting some visibility and very fast. I was the 74th Steemian to join SteemFollower but I did not use it at the beginning and this was one of my biggest mistake.

Early adopters are always winners and this has happened right in front of my eyes but day I use the platform for totally different reasons.

The points that you accumulate by upvoting other Steemians post can also be sold on the internal market of SteemFollower. 1000 points is roughly equal to 0.3378 SBD. This is another incentive that allow minnows to greatly benefit from the platform. The features present allow for a healthy eco-system.

There is a referral system too! If you refer someone on the platform, you will receive 0.5% of the upvotes of your referrals in terms of points of course. These points then allows for your post to be visible for a longer period of time.

What about the downside?

The downside that the platform looks like a vote for vote system. But the way that it is designed, it does not allow for abuse of the system. Each day you can only upvote a maximum of 35 posts, with 5 being the minimum. The system is designed to fight abuse of the voting system.

Why I use the platform?

Though I am the 74th, I have not used the platform a lot in the past. But today this has changed for me. This is allowing me to support minnows, as with the limited time that I have to balance everything going on in my life, it is difficult to encourage others to continue giving their best.

I know that I have only around 500 SP but I feel that it is enough to be able to help minnows and SteemFollower is full of new users. 

If you are an old Steemit user, connect to the platform to help the minnows through our upvotes 😎

If you are a new Steemit user, join SteemFollower and it is one of the best platform to gain visibility 😈

If you want to join the SteemFollower community, click on this link!!

Like the work of @mahdiyari, you can upvote his as a witness here.

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Good luck to everyone  ? 

Don't forget to check if you are a winner every Saturday and Sunday at around 19 00 (GMT)

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never heard of it, i might need to check this out

Do check it out and don't forget the link!! https://steemfollower.com/

Tried it once sometime ago. The UI looked a bit complex and I got uninterested . Also misunderstood the point system and all those numberson the side panel and thought that I was selling my upvotes. Left it immediately . After reading your post explaining everything, I feel like I want to use it again. Thanks for the information

The first time I used it a while back and it just started and I didn't know what it was about.
Now when I studied the platform, I find the concept worth the time :)

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