Steemit the IMMORTAL Blockchain News site. Save Free Speech. Change the world, and make a ton of money doing it.

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The Steemit platform is the disruptive technology that keeps "the people" one step ahead of oppressive governments.

Edward Snowden warned of governments intrusive mass surveillance and censoring what people see online. The politically correct speech agenda is now being carried out by social media sites to censor free expression online.

Newtonian physics say for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Enter Steemit.

The new social media platform that fights back. Empowering anyone to become a Drudge report, Wiki leaks, or a protected place for whistleblowers to be heard. The secret to Steem success is it's decentralized blockchain. This method of not only protect's free speech, information, and the access to it. But makes it nearly impossible to censor.
Steemit does all of this and at the same time it is becoming a powerful search engine.

Matt Drudge of the Drudge report, was told recently by a U.S. Supreme Court Justice. That his days are numbered, and free speech as we know it, will be gone soon. That the powers that be, had the votes along with TPP to end it. That he and others news sites will be put out of business, under new copyright laws, hidden in the TPP. These new laws are designed to stop the flow of information, they want to shut down.

The EU is also pushing a vote, right now for everyone to have an internet i.d. Also being discussed is a three strike policy. If you violate their rules, three strikes, and you're not allowed back on. In places like Germany, London, and others. People are being arrested for posting on Facebook, and Twitter for protected speech. Under the guise of hate speech? Because they disagreed, with refugee policies. The U.S. government has put in internet kill switches, and it's once rumored to have the same control over cell phones, has now been confirmed. We are quickly moving into a police state, with a creeping totalitarian government/s. Who are quickly trying to set us back to the 1950's in terms of news, information, and their control over it.

Steemit's voting platform encourages relevant, factual , uncensored content. That ensures high traffic, and repeat usage. In my opinion,
the ultimate goal of Steemit is to create a truthful news media, not controlled by governments, big corporations or special interest. To encourage real investigational journalism, reporters, by allowing them to generate a real wage, and not be influenced or, beholden to anyone. At the same time, making the site successful at generating millions, if not 100’s of millions in revenue.

I feel Steemit will be hugely successful, by providing the truth in a time where media is controlled and lies, coverups are the norm. It's public goodwill combined, with real uncensored truth, will win out. Steemit will grow, and be sought out as the first place to go when looking for real news, and information.


Brilliant article. I agree and I hope you're right. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I think of the possibilities. Surely this is all too good to be true.

It's truly needed, I was trying to come up with something like Steemit myself when I stumbled upon it. It takes some immersion to fully grasp it's possibilities.​ We are on the ground floor of something amazing with serious opportunity.​

Thanks! This article is an eye opener to steemit's growth potential. I never really thought of it from a news media perspective. You're right, the mainstream media is becoming extinct, like dinosaurs, because of all of the crap they put out.

I hardly even pay attention to mainstream anymore, I get my content from alternative sites like Drudge, Youtube and Steemit etc. I cut the cord a lontime ago, though. I don't even have cable anymore i'm all online. It's a trend though more and more of my friends are going that way as well.

yeah you right
but currently most trending and popular topic on steemit is about steemit itself
not something controversial outside the steemit

This is basically my first post. I'm still learning the in's and outs of Steemit. I welcome any constructive information that will help with my learning curve. Thanks

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