The author should not earn more investor. How to change this?

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Hello Steemians!

An investor must earn more than the author!

Who is the author and why should he earn more than the person who invested real money in the project?

The author does not bear any good Steemit!

He immediately carries all the earned tokens to the exchange and sells. Thus contributes to the depreciation.

The author should earn a little, and the investor a lot! This is right and it happens everywhere in our world. Besides Steemit ...

Here, for example, on Golos, we understood this and did it. After taking the HF course, albeit slowly, but began to grow. And it will grow further. You may not have time to buy coins while they are still cheap. Hurry up.

See for yourself. Here's an example post from Steemit. Let's see how much the author and investors will receive.

And what we see:

the author received a lot and investors very little


So it should not be! The price of the project is added by investors and not by the authors. In other social networks, they write for free and are satisfied. The author will always sell the coins and roll the course to the bottom.

Now look at what the author and the investor will get on Golos


The author will receive only 25% of the payment. The remaining 75% will receive curators. And it is right!


Thank you so much for sharing this amazing post with us!

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Thank you so much for reading this message!

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