Help Me to Ask SHAPESHIFT.IO to List STEEM

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I just noticed that Steem is not yet listed in crypto currency exchange site, I think it would be great if our hero coin $STEEM will be added in their platform. Shapeshift is known for its simplicity. It is a wonderful crypto exchange site that doesn't need any user registration and their fees are much lower than major crypto exchange sites.

Trading your Altcoin to another altcoin, or Altcoin to Bitcoin is very easy. For example if you want to trade your Altcoin and send it directly to your Bitcoin Wallet. Just select your Altcoin asset in the "Deposit" field, and select Bitcoin in the "Receive" field. But unfortunately just like what I mentioned, Steem is not yet there.

Getting a coin listed in Shapeshift doesnt have an official process. But you can request a coin in their social medias.

ShapeShift Twitter
ShapeShift Facebook


I made a Tweet (view here), if you have a Twitter please help me, by liking it. or by retweeting it. Or making a Tweet or FB post in your own. Dont forget to tag them

Link to my Tweet status

Thank you :)

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gl3nnx gL3nnX tweeted @ 15 Jun 2017 - 13:32 UTC

💖Like or Retweet 🔊 if you want to see the crypto coin $STEEM in @ShapeShift_io

@Steemit $SBD

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Good job bot

Great, I hope this comes a reality soon. Thanks for putting the word out!


Thank u dude

Hopefully it gets added soon shapeshift is my favorite altcoin exchange!


Yesh its good and no registration needed

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