If DTube or a Whale has upvoted you - DO THIS NOW!

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DTube is revolutionizing the online video world. With that @ned has been kind enough to support the platform and @dtube is out there working diligently to upvote content that is relevant and helpful and exciting. This is amazing news because it's bringing people who may not blog, but are vloggers into the space. Steemit is essentially doubling it's reach with DTube and for that, I believe that as video content creators, we need to up our game and up the quality of the videos were uploading. There are some people out there that are uploading videos with some decent cameras and as a videographer myself, I really can appreciate that. I believe as a whole and as a community, we need to challenge ourselves to put real quality videos and content on the platform. The growth of it and reputation depends on that. If DTube is giving us payouts, we should use that to help improve the quality on the platform.

DTube and/or Whales upvoted you because....

  1. they enjoy your content
  2. they feel others would enjoy your content
  3. they got informed/educated with your content
  4. see potential and believe in you
  5. they’ve given to us, we need to give back

We've been given a gift and with that, we need to pay it forward by doing the following...

  1. Get good sound equipment - Lapel, Shotgun Mic (Decent shotgun mic)
  2. Get a mirrorless or dslr to record your videos - larger sensor, better image quality
  3. Get a nice fast prime lens to shoot on to get some nice blur control
  4. Get some lights if you’re shooting indoors
  5. Keep posting and uploading because your content is important for all of us
  6. This will improve the overall quality of all the videos combined & the entire platform as a whole

Let me know what you guys think!

*** Try to set your playback speed to 1.25x, 1.5x - You’ll get through the information much faster :)

Hello and welcome to photo tutorials on steemit and @dtube. We are professional commercial portrait photographers and do tutorials on anything and everything photo/video related. Please let us know if this has helped you out by liking/upvoting and commenting below!

If there are any other tutorials that you want us to do, please let us know :)

You can find more of our work at www.revoshphotos.ca and all our photos are copyright - get in touch with us to verify photos!

Remember to FOCUS on what’s important, CAPTURE the good times, DEVELOP from the negatives and if things don’t work out - take another shot guys. Peace out

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Great way to point folks in the right direction (towards success). You keep up the good stuff as well.

Thank you my brotha!!! Appreciate the encouragement :) upvoted you with some love <3

i like the way u explained

Awesome post man, I just got a huge bump by @dtube and looking forward to making more videos! Keep doing what your doing!

Awesome bro! Happy for you!! :D I’ll check out some of your stuff for sure!

You are a good speaker sir, and you look like a Filipino...Pinoy po ba kayo? Yes I will take note of your advice, you walk your talk, your video is really superb one of the bests in Dtube.

My Pinoy brotha! Opo! Pinoy ako! We will be in the Philippines soon :)

Thank you! You got my upvote :)

#FilipinoBradPit has inspired me!

Hahaha! You just got an upvote, buddy :D killin' it! See you around, brotha!

Dtube good

Dtube great! Upvoted you <3

All the best post sir.I am all time follow and upvote your post.Thank you sir.

Thanks so much sir! I just upvoted you also! Much love!

Yeah you are absolutly right to reinvest especially in the quality is the only right way at the beginning, also this will ensure your future success on the platform if you don't start talking about nonsense an f*** everythink up. *uck

LOL with the ***

Yeah we need to invest back into it. It will improve everyone's content. Then it will improve the overall content of DTube. Some people might come on the platform and think it's an "amateur" site if most of the content is done on cell phones and then you have YT and everyone is doing it on DSLR's or Mirrorless full frame cameras or crop camcorders with pro audio. People need to come on the platform and see that there are some serious content creators here who don't settle for less.

Hooked you up with an upvote of love

Thanks for sharing i will done upvote I always see your post. And follow you!

You just got an upvote I’d love, Zara! Thanks for the kind words


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Something about this post tickled the fancy of one of my humans, and so you get a FREE UpVote.
BTW they added this: **_"I couldn't agree more!
I've been fortunate enough to get 2 x DTube upvotes already in the very short time that I've been on DTube.

I'm involved with a very active South African YouTube community (Some of us very successful there already, others just starting out), and have actively been convincing/helping some of them to make the switch (or at least double up on) to DTube. Now while I was already doing this before the @dtube upvotes, these upvotes were enough for me to decide that I needed to give back more somehow (and get my YouTuber friends in on the action before DTube gets big enough and the bot stops upvoting :-))... Anyway... so that was why I created this very bot that is commenting now.

It might be naive of me to believe it's gonna make that much of a difference, but I firmly believe that us Minnows have a hard enough time here already... so every little bit (or big bit in the case of the whale/bot upvotes) is gonna result in exponential growth.

Anyway... enough rambling from my side... Just wanted to share the passion. Thanks for the cool video, you've got a new fan, and I'll be looking out for more of your vids.
Keep up the good work!

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I'm still waiting for my SP STEEM delegation request to be matched, so only free upvotes are active at the moment

Steem On!

That is cool! I wish I had the know-all to make a bot! I'm a frustrated-developer (as oppose to frustrated artist :D LOL) and I hope my son becomes a programmer one day. It's the future.

That's amazing man. Keep it up. You got an upvote of love from me.

hahaha, thanks for the love!

Technically I'm an "ex-developer", having not coded anything of any value in over 5 years (hence the markdown formatting error in my previous reply... I'll get onto that ASAP), but yeah... it afforded me the opportunity to pursue the life I'm currently living, so I hope the same for my son one day.

Thanks again for the affirmation that there are indeed others out there that feel that giving back is the best way forward for all.

Steem On!

please blow me up full screen when watching my videos

LOL!!!! That made me LOL IRL. I'll totally blow it up next time. You get an upvote of love for making us all laugh :D

I can't believe no one commented this before me but well done for doing all this in one take! I can't believe this only took you 3 tries! Also, I agree with all of your suggestions apart from one thing: At around 5 min into the video you say that if a whale has upvoted someone once, they are more than likely to do so again. While this is in fact the case atm, I doubt this will go on for much longer as more and more established content creators join DTube and Steemit so the only thing I would add to this is to Power Up as much as possible. Anyways, great quality video!

Hey brotha :) I saw one of your videos recently! Lovin’ it!

You know that’s a great price isn’t you being up. I hope that we would support one another as oppose to just courting people outside the platform. I believe that’s important, but I also believe it’s important to support the pioneers and early supporters. Either way, the community will decide I guess :) and it just creates a better challenge for others to match up to ththe quality content coming in :)

Great thought! You got my upvote or love 💯

Thanks for the video! I had my first D.Tube up vote and WOW! The video went up by 30! I can only hope for more votes like that. My gaming channel has videos at 1080p 60 frames. I sunk $3400USD in to a new Intel i7 8700k with a 1080 ti video card so I can provide this high quality. Well, I hope to get more whales to swim by my channel soon :)

This is very helpful. Ill follow you now. great explanation

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That is fricken amazing. I love @dtube

Good advice. This is a platform to build up ourselves with better quality content and build up others who have good content. Let's all work together.

Pay it forward. Literally!

@remind.bot 12 hours
Watch the video later and upvote!

Great advice for starting creators! Thanks


My brotha. Just post something relevant and I will upvote you. Just an actual real comment and your reputation won't take a hit from all the flags for spamming. Much love.