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RE: @samstonehill has been hacked & cannot be re-accessed. How did this happen & what are the solutions?

in #steemit4 years ago

Sorry to hear that! Resteeming this so others woudn't fall in trap. It is little bit sily that Steemit can't stop payouts from hacked account. Followed you on second account.


Thanks. Really appreciate your support :)

Followed the first account and now I'm following this second account...sorry to hear about the scam but thank God for the @charitysteemit account you were able to transfer the donations. I know you will recover very fast because you have lots of friends here who really cares, we will outnumber the scammers. God bless you sir!

Thanks for following both accounts! Though for now there is only one.

Let us see how this pans out...

Yes, and it was certainly lucky that the last transfer I made out of the @samstonehil account was this donation money.

Many thanks for your kind words and support. In a way, I am looking forward to building this new account from scratch. The rep number moves much faster at the beginning!!! :)