@phortun´s Monday Spotlight presents Steemian of the Week: @jpphotography

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Hi there my Steemit friends and followers!

As I announced in my yesterday´s post, I am launching a little new project of mine today. Actually, the word "project" might not be the best one here as to me, project means something really huge and complicated and this is definitely not what this thing should be about.

So what will it be about then? Well, you probably got that from the title - yes, I would like to have a regular (weekly) spotlight post where I will be promoting some of your interesting and inspirational Steemit fellows that I have been privileged to know (at least here in the Steemit world I mean :))

Without further ado, let me start this series out by introducing you to the very first Steemian of the Week and the person who I decided to honor with this primacy is none other than @jpphotography! :)

Image source: Pixabay (Creative Commons)

@jpphotography (his real first name is Julian) joined Steemit the same time as me (in November 2017) and he probably was the first friend I made on this platform. I think it is pretty safe to say that Julian is one of the greatest photographers we have here on Steemit, regularly winning all kinds of photo contests run on the platform.

He is also an avid traveler who has been to an incredible number of countries (it sometimes feels like he has been literally everywhere but he says he has not so let´s trust him on that :D) so he mostly posts (absolutely stunning) travel photography.

Julian is also a devoted and exemplary Steemian who cares about the community. He is a co-founder and curator of the increasingly popular tag #travelfeed and one of the founders and admins of the Steemit Travellers Discord group.

In addition to that, Julian is an eager techie and crypto/blockchain enthusiast and he is a true expert on how Steemit and everything else related to the Steem blockchain works so it is worth to follow him as he sometimes comes up with very useful posts that can help you here in the Steemit world a lot.

Here are some of @jpphotography stats (as of this writing):

Steemit member since: November 2017
Reputation: 62.878
Steem Power: 1,813 (out of which 337 is delegated to other accounts)
Followers: 1,488
Followings: 470
Posts: 308
Comments: 2,917
Self-voting: 11.26 %

If you like what you just found out about @jpphotography and his work here on Steemit, make sure to follow him! :)

Also, if you want to be featured in this series, drop a few lines about yourself and what you do on Steemit in the comment section below. I will review your profile and might feature you in one of the next episodes ;)

Hey, I am @phortun, the author of this post. Thank you for visiting my blog. If you like posts about #nature, #animals, #traveling and discovering secrets and beauties of the #world, feel free to follow me as these are the topics I mostly write about. Have a wonderful day and Steem on! :)

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That's a cool new project! Really good idea and Julian is definitely the perfect choice! Keep it up:)


Thank you :) I was really pleased by all the nice comments (including yours) that people have left here for Julian :)


No problem. Thanks for your efforts!

Congrats @jpphotography! I have been following Julian for quite a while already, and he never ceases to amaze me with his photos from all over the world.

it sometimes feels like he has been literally everywhere but he says he has not so let´s trust him on that :D

It definitely feels like he's been to most places though. Or at least most places where there's something interesting to snap a photo of.


Thanks for stopping by @valth :) I am happy for Julian to have you among his followers. Yes, his storage of astonishing photos from all over the world seems to be unlimited :)

Julian a.k.a. "our Steemit genius" ;)

Thank you so much for featuring me and for your nice words! It made me really happy to read your post and the nice comments :)


You are very welcome my friend :) Obviously, seeing the nice comments here, you already have a lot of devoted followers but hopefully, this post will help you get some more :) Keep up the inspirational work here on Steemit Julian! :)

Lovely! I often use travelfeed in my tags, it is truly helpful to have some more success on steemit. He has done a great job with this because I feel like if I make a post of quality, I can almost be sure to find support from @travelfeed.

I like this project, quite cool, if you were not the "host" of it you should make one of yourself, haha:)

Keep it up mate!


Glad I could introduce you to the founder of this awesome curation initiative :) They still curate manually so like you said - if you come up with a really great travel post, your chances of getting their support on it are high ;)

Agreed Julian is an amzing photographer and I also feel like he has been everywhere! I was happy to learn he is the co-founder of travelfeed. Great spotlight.


Thank you so much :)

Great idea with the "spotlight presents" @phortun !
And very well deserved being there first @jpphotography ! Let's have a beer again one day in Bangkok! Or somewhere else. Ha!


Thank you! I remember that post featuring you guys in Bangkok :) I am sure you had fun :)

Hmm I've seen him being active in travellers discord but didn't know he's "THE GUY" :D


Now you know! ;)

I love your new initiative. Great to see something new. I am also very pleased to see such a great guy as Julian to be featured as the first one. I am wishing you the best of luck moving forward.


Thanks Tomas :) I agree - it is amazing to have Julian around. Especially for you guys who run some photo contests here. His entries are just astonishing.

Congratulations @jpphotography! Your work is truly amazing and I can't wait to see more from you.

Great choice for your feature! ❤

grreat work..and much appreciate your support.!

That's a really beautiful initiative!