Going Beyond the Fear

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I have seen a fair bit of content lately which is talking about dark things.

Things like an impending economic collapse and our virtual enslavement inside matrix programming. This could just be my feed, but my sense is that Steemit holds a lot of conspiracy content. From a certain perspective I have to agree that these things could be true, or are subjectively true.

I know for sure that most of the people around me are sleep walking. What I mean by this is that our tendency is to just go to work and get caught up in the whole money thing, never paying any real attention the game its self. Never stopping to just be. The objectives become entirely related to recognition and economic success. The life becomes entirely just objectives, a string of linear goals with no breadth and depth. We become a series of ones and zeros and start to lose our undefinable quality of beauty. It's a sad state, and I want to recognize my grief in seeing this.


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There is a popular narrative on Steemit which talks about the systems of control, and just how abusive they are. I think we can admit that our societies are farming us in a certain way - this way does not have our well being as it's primary goal. You could almost say that government works against well being, and economic systems have a tendency to create the worst emotions in people by making them competitive. By exploiting each other and the earth.

So I can acknowledge all of these sad truths, but can I live by them? I cannot take much sustenance from these kinds of stories. Perhaps a kind of anger could be extracted, but that is very poor fuel to go forward in life with. It does not burn clean and it damages the engine.

So I choose to look deeper, for truths that contain even these grim realities, but eclipse them. I would rather live by a higher truth, or a universal one. I don't want to live in my head, unsatisfied yet somehow 'right' about how things are. And the mind can probably spin a story about how it is evasive to not contend with these things, well perhaps it is. But equally we could say that they are foolish distractions that pull us from a state of grace and beauty, into a kind of funk.


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So this seems to be the deeper layer to the game. You can start to realize how manipulated you are, but if you start to go down the rabbit hole and live in all of these stories then your peace and balance may not go along with you for the ride. The emphasis of conspiracy type thinking is separation. Which is the mechanism being used against us. So somehow we have to transcend that or we just get caught in the same division that the system has placed upon us.

Metaphysics and the Law of Attraction would have us believe that our vibration will attract our life scenarios upon us. And this vibration is directly effected by our thoughts and emotions. If my fixation is on the things that are wrong with the world then I will not be able to use this law to my advantage. It will actually bring to me more of what I don't want.

I want to acknowledge that our world has a lot of change to go through, and that undoubtedly in our generation some big shifts are going to occur. We can't navigate through these things in a fearful state, we will just get sucked under. Perhaps with a kind of spacious high mindedness we can ride more smoothly.


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Our main objective should be in the inward direction. Looking inside to find the peace and abundance there, and then moving forward with that.

If we want things to change, then let's change ourselves by refusing to participate in all of this fear based thinking. That's just getting dragged back into the same quagmire. So instead let's learn to radiate love and unity, and let that guide our actions.

It's really so easy to blame and put our focus on people, governments, systems, or any other external thing. But we have to recognize that this internal conflict and dis-ease will just perpetuate these systems.

We can't resolve anything by resistance such as I resist you, and we resist them. That is division. That is the way of being that we are currently oppressed by.

We can only resolve by transcendence - by reclaiming our own internal landscape and cultivating the right attitudes and states of being there. The right state of being has the power to radiate outward and transform everything around it, without coercion, and without any sort of conflict. This is the real power of the human being, and the real conspiracy is that we have forgotten that this is our natural capacity.


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I so appreciate those of you who view things this way, and wish I could join you. But I can't, although I can say if at some point they push the final moves of the end game, I am by your side as a brother.

But the fact is LOA isn't what it is made out to be. History is filled with those who became shining examples of how one lives peacefully. These peoples stories usually end with their imprisonment or murder. The fact is just because you may choose to ignore them, does not mean they are ignoring you.

I shared this clip recently on anothers post, and it is fitting here as well.

There is no such place. Everywhere man is will be those conspiring to rule, and a majority willing to enable them. Either through ignorance or greed. People with your heart are rare, and a blessing to those like myself. I could have been you. Hell, as a young child I was you. But sadly I realized that there are evil designs placed upon my welfare, on my families. And far to many of my neighbors wherever I go are willing to turn on me in an instant, enforcing the vilest dynamics if it means that for today their family is not targeted, that for one more day they get their bread.

If it was left to my will alone I would see to it that those who lead the ways of society were like yourself, but sadly my friend, there isn't enough like me to allow a safe area for those like yourself. But for today, I am thankful that a person like yourself is still possible, and I am fortunate enough to come across your path.


Thankyou for your reflections @practicalthought. In a sense I agree with you, we have to be pragmatic about how we live our lives. It does seem extreme to be willingly naive in a climate of fear and exploitation.

For sure it's a tough climate to open your heart into, but in my experience there's no other alternative. I couldn't have such an attitude unless I had a general distrust of the stories my mind brings me. And with the distance I give myself from those stories, I can relax into not knowing and focusing on maintaining my state.

I know such places exist, even though the evidence points towards the fact that they don't. This is a part of the game as well. If it exists inside your heart then it must exist in the world, I have seen glimpses. The mind with its backwards logic will look for evidence first, then base it's internal state on that. In this way madness and suffering will be endlessly perpetuated.

So like this I choose my priorities, and I can't be looking to a mad world for how I want to be. The fundamental drive is for happiness and expansion, and towards this I must be resolutely self motivating and unperturbed by any disruptive force.