Writing Comments Sounds Like a Better Option than Blogging

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Well, nothing feel worse than to find out all your effort for writing a lengthy blog has gone in vain. It is happening to me more frequently these days. I keep writing long articles but nobody likes to read those. Some blogs doesn’t even get 1 upvote. It is so frustrating. When I started writing in Steemit things were much easier. I could easily get followers and upvotes. I could at least get 2-3 followers for my worst blog.

Now how many followers I get per post??0, yeah I don’t get a single follower. Has my writing become worse??No, I don’t think so. Then why suddenly everything became difficult??I don’t know??

All I know is that from now on I getting more attracted to commenting on other people’s blog. It is because if I write a good comment at least I get reply and sometime even an upvote. But what do I get after writing and editing my articles for hours??Nothing .So I think it is better to write comments instead of wasting hours of my time for writing for this community.

Steemit works in mysterious ways. Nobody knows what people would like here and what not??So I have decided invest my energy for writing comments on other people’s blog. At least some people will get inspired by that if I do it. So what is the point of writing long articles in this platform? Oh, no I am totally disappointed at blogging in Steemit right now.

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just do what you like and you will be rewarded some day. Be yourself. Now you've got one follower more.


Just do what you like
And you will be rewarded
Some day. Be yourself.

                 - siphon

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