It Doesn't Matter Whatever You Write in Steemit,All That Matter is How You Can Become a Big Fish

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Suddenly all seems pointless.There was a time when I used to been keen on writing lengthy interesting contents for this platform.But lately I have lost my interest.It is not that I don't have an idea about what to write.No I am not hit by the writer's block.What actually happened to me is that I realized Steemit is a platform where quantity is important than quality.It is a platform where no one pays attention to what you write but they pay attention to if they know you or not.

It is a place where only tricky people can succeed.There are some people who start their journey with a lot of contacts and influences in Steemit. There are some people who likes to buy votes with money.There are some people who create a group for exchanging votes and by doing that they keep their post trending for long time.

But what happens to the rest of us?Does anybody read our blogs?Do they ever judge what we have written?I don't think so.There are hardly a few people in here who likes to read the whole post and vote for you judging by the quality of your post.So for the rest of us Steemit is a place of despair.

I started my journey with a hope to create great contents.But now I have finally decided to skip that.I had a hope that maybe there will be somebody who would like to read my post.I will keep writing no matter what happens or how much I earn.Now I am not thinking like that anymore.It is because I know that is pointless.To survive here what you need to learn is how to exchange votes,how to create a group and how to be a big fish by any means.

Steemit is not a place for competition.It is not a place where you can decide what is fair or what is not.It is just a place where you have to climb up doing whatever it takes.So I have decided to take a rest for now.It is because I will start climbing up again,once I decide what should I do.For now I think I should stop investing my effort for writing something great for this platform.As I know that almost no one cares about the quality of your content here.

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You know, I’ve been dwelling on this thought for some time, I’m usually posting video content but I feel the same in terms of the success here is based on who upvotes you.

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Actually more or less we are all responsible for this system.We should use our voting power wisely and create a network with each other.Our voting power comes with a responsibility for this community that is what we need to make people realize in this platform.

Welcome to the real starting line.