💰Steemit Income Report: March 21st 🚀

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Total Lifetime STEEM Earnings: 52.751 STEEM

Here is today's income report for my bots, @puppybot and @postresteem, as well as my https://cryptobotauthority.com/ website.

Puppy Bot Lifetime Earnings: 40.788 STEEM

@puppybot began operating on February 25th. Since then it has passively earned a grand total of 40.788 STEEM. Using current STEEM to USD conversion rates, it means I've earned $90.54 USD from Puppy Bot.

Puppy Bot also has some important news. Due to the promising results of @postresteem, I've added a resteem feature to Puppy Bot. This should hopefully help increase @puppybot 's earnings.

Post Resteem Lifetime Earnings: 11.963 STEEM

@postresteem, began running on March 2nd. Since then it has passively earned 11.963 STEEM. I finally just started properly marketing this bot and the day 1 results are promising! Using current STEEM to USD conversion rates, it means I've earned $26.55 USD from @postresteem so far.

Total Lifetime Bot Earnings: 52.751 STEEM

As of this post, my bots have earned 52.751 STEEM on autopilot. Using current STEEM to USD conversion rates, I've earned a grand total of $117.10 USD.

Crypto Bot Authority Website News

I've been swamped with changes to my bots and figuring out how to promote them best so I haven't had any time to work on Crypto Bot Authority.

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You got some unconditional puppy love and a 100.00% upvote from @puppybot courtesy of @phil917!


Thanks @phil917! Something new creates a quniverse where the unknown unfurls.
You helped me learn something new today, well done! 👍
I love interesting Reports of all kinds.
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Insporing bot report, they are really useful.

Hi Phil! Glad to discover your work thanks to @frameworks! =) It is a while now, I am looking for a like minded steemian to cooperate with and create a bot to support differents new tags used by crypto artists/creatives and blockchain learners and contributors. Would be super happy if you would have some time to exchange, you can find me on discord with the same username (@jnmarteau). I can't wait to hear about you! All the best in everything you are doing, Jean

Ps: thanks for sharing https://cryptobotauthority.com/ first time I am discovering this site which seems really well made =)

Very good,Please vote for me..
Thank you.

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