💰Steemit Income Report: March 13th 🚀

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Total Lifetime STEEM Earnings: 37.07 STEEM

This is my income report for the two bots I own, @puppybot and @postresteem, as well as my https://cryptobotauthority.com/ website.

Here's my bot income report for today:

Puppy Bot Lifetime Earnings: 34.17 STEEM

@puppybot started operating on February 25th. Since then it has passively earned a grand total of 34.17 STEEM. Using current STEEM to USD conversion rates, it means I've earned $87.81 USD from Puppy Bot so far.

Post Resteem Lifetime Earnings: 2.900 STEEM

@postresteem, started running on March 2nd. Since it started, it has passively earned 2.9 STEEM. This bot is still growing so I expect the revenue for this one to pick up a decent amount within a few weeks. Using current STEEM to USD conversion rates, it means I've earned $7.45 USD from Post Resteem so far.

Total Lifetime Bot Earnings: 37.07 STEEM

So far my bots have earned 37.07 STEEM on autopilot. Using current STEEM to USD conversion rates, I can see that I've earned a grand total of means I've earned $95.26 USD from my bots so far.

Crypto Bot Authority Website News

https://cryptobotauthority.com/ continues to come along. Today I got some basic filter stuff working for the Steemit upvote bot stats. I also started cleaning up the UI a bit.

If you're a bot owner and would like to have your bot listed on https://cryptobotauthority.com/, please contact me and let me know.

I'm still very early on in my Steemit journey but I'm starting to see the fruits of my labor pay off just a little bit. If you're interested in following me on this journey and learning more about Steemit bots and crypto bots, consider following me!

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Love the fact that you tract everything acutely....

The next time....
I assume you are tracking in a spreadsheet
use the report tool and produce a nice rising rofit over time graph.
It would look cool and jazz up the post...



Thanks, that's a good idea! I'll have to start doing that.

That's about 3.5% return on 3 weeks. Quite an amazing amount. Especially because the bot is so little.

And I can get the same return via curation rewards, but that takes much more time 😩

That's probably the best part about the bots, it's fairly passive.

Did you see my last post with calculations about my curation rewards?

It turns out that I have to correct myself. I can earn 2% per week. So in the same period of time I could earn 5%. However, this is much more work. So that will basically only give a real financial benefit if someone has a lot of SP.

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