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Steemit switched their javascript library to communicate with the steemd nodes. That's a great thing, because steem-js is small and fast. But it has a very short expiration time of 15s

That means, if your system time is slightly off, you won't be able to use right now.

The solution is very simple. Every operating system offers you to sync your system time with internet servers. Check your time settings and activate this, and you will never run into issues like this again.


The fix to was deployed about 2 hours ago. The site no longer relies on system time and will instead check directly with the blockchain.

Thank You for Making Steemit Great Again !!!

I Love Steemit and I get here whenever I manage the time, Steemit is my main/only Social Media...

Let the fools have their other websites, I will feed only from Steemit...

Hugz ;)

Greg :)

I reported the issue and a fix is on its way!

thank you... we will make steemit awesome !!!!

Good information.
Upvote and resteem.!!

Very nice ~.~ thank you for sharing

Appreciate the update... I had this happening yesterday; the only way I could make it go away was to update my browser and restarting my system.

Thanks for the info!

Thank you very much for this information but why are we not learning this from the official developers or marketing guys?

Turns out this was a bug, and the developers have not been aware of it yet. It's being fixed right now.

Ok, that's a different thing then. Great to see it was fixed. :-)

This is a very good question, asked in the wrong place. I don't know.

Please tell me what the right place would be.

I don't know either.

Thank you for your reply. That's exactly (one of) the main problem(s) of this platform. There is no proper communication going on.

Some of those places could be: Github and

How do I report a security vulnerability?

If you find a security issue please report details to [email protected]

That's a good place to report security vulnerabilities. However, you can't expect the average user to hang around on github all day long in order to make sure not to miss any important updates...

I think the main thing that is causing frustration for you here is that you keep thinking of Steem as a classical business, it is not and I for one have no desire for it to be.

Thank you for the heads up! I heard of at least a couple people having issues yesterday.

Thanks for the help!

Good to know. Thank you for staying on top of it and keeping us informed @pharesim. I'm also glad to see that it's being/been addressed. :)

Thank you for the communication.

Hi, how much steem power I need to have to be able to vote successfully?


thank you for that information...