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I have been using steemit for maybe 2 weeks now.

I have uploaded some really useful posts, some which took me a whole day or 2 to do proper research for and edit.


They get hardly and upvotes or comments. Basically posting them feels like a waste of time because I have put so much effort into them and no gives a monkey's ass.

I'm changing the way I do steemit.

me tiny.jpg Hezron

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Start by posting about things you already know about. Keep it short. Nobody wants to read a book. Post it in pieces if you have to. Reinvest what you get in Steem. You'll get more money in your future posts.


thanks for the comment. Ill keep that in mind for future posts.

I understand your feelings, friend. I'm new to Steemit so I don't have much posts or followers, but I once tried to make a Facebook page and I got just like you, very disapointed. But don't give up, as barncat said, try to make things shorter, this is a good tip :)


thanks, I'll consider shortening.

I upvoted. I know what you mean. I'm basically posting just for fun now since I've lost all hope of ever making anything on steemit.


The crazy thing is, I'm actually posting useful stuff and its demoralising to see someone post some random copy and paste about cryptocurrency and get a ton of upvotes.