CANADA is New base for INDIAN Students

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According to SURVEY, Canada is new base for INDIAN Students. There is 60% of growth increase how go Canada in Comparison of last year 2017.


And another report is that 119% of students increased in Canada in Between 2010 to 2017. Last year Canada Issued 3,17,110 international visa

In Canada 1.75 lakhs of People Lived who speak HINDI, that's why there is now much problem for Language.

Now, in Canada 60 days take for students to take Visa but in Future this will reduced to 40 days.

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Yearly Expenditure is LESS in Comparison to Other nation. you can see Early Expenditure as follows

America Rs 23.8 Lakh.

Britain Rs 21.9 Lakh.

Canada Rs 20.4 Lakh.



it is good news for indian is easy to going study in canada.

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