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Hi Steemians!

Steemit approval times seem like they're taking way too long. I recommended it to a friend recently and he is losing all enthusiasm because his account is taking too long to get approved.

I was planning to move my blog to Steemit and all my community of over 20K readers, but I'm afraid to do that if the approval times are too high.

Please let me know, how long did your account take to get approved?

And please upvote this to bring it to the attention of the Steemit team: @steemitblog @ned @sneak @andrarchy @zurvanic

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My wife has registered this week. Her approval took around one and a half days to arrive.

Hi Paul, i can say that i was lucky, my approval took less than 24 hours !

It took my account around 2-3 hours to get approved. I know this isn't typical but I think it's to do with my geographical location & that the phone number I supplied for verification is displayed on another social profile.

I suppose those two points made it seem very unlikely that I was an automated application.

Yes, it took me a few hours as well... but that's not the case with my friend...

It doe's not take long at all. You could have your entire community here in 3-4 days!

This is all part of the plan for a staggered release. If the amount of accounts in existence increase's too quickly it could throw the whole economy into disarray.

Mine was approved in a few hours, wondering if there are any good posts on it on here?

To me it felt relatively instant, about 2 weeks ago.

I think Steemit should get a referral system, so account holders can easily create new accounts for friends.

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still didn't approve

it takes 2-3 days

My roommate applied 6 days ago and still hasn't been approved.

My friend is waiting 10 days now...

I expected the worst but was approved in a few days, which is reasonable. It should be automated indeed, though. Anyone know what their process is like?

You may not have seen this on the FAQ page.

This, combined with the huge current demand for accounts is resulting in delays - in some cases people have waited 7 days or more before their account has been activated.

The reason for the cost is that every account on Steemit/Steem costs a certain amount of Steem (the currency) to create. Normally the Steemit company pays this for you - this is also one of the reasons they are cracking down on people making multiple spam accounts.