Why Steemit Should Care about Indonesia

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For some time now I have heard complaints about the Indonesian and Aceh communities here on Steemit.  They are scammers, they plagiarize, they copy and paste, they beg, they have no etiquette bla bla bla. And I cannot deny, that I have experienced this myself from members of this community.

But, I have also experienced this from members of other communities here on Steemit and I’m here today to tell you why you should not overlook the Indonesian or Ache communities and cast judgement because of a small few.  I want to give you some solid reasons you should support this community and I want to share with you a little data and few stats about this community/.

Let’s talk about launching a social media site for a moment. What is important for its success?   At the end of the day, one of the key factors in the success of a social media site is traffic.  The more users, the more traffic, the more traffic, the more users.  Each one of these snowballs the other.

Now let’s talk for a moment about launching an online business.  Let’s take Udemy for example.  Udemy for those of you that do not know is the world’s largest online course marketplace with over 20M students.  Launching in 2010 their site was the first of its kind.  It allowed anyone become an instructor and courses of all topics and quality was allowed.  Instructors were rewarded for bringing new student to the site by being favoured in course marketing promotions ran by Udemy.

For the first few years of Udemy existence, they did not care about the overall course content.  For a long time they supported courses that offered ‘get rich’ quick approaches and make money online courses.  Every our own @jerrybanfield done awesomely well out of this….These were the courses that were bringing the users, these were the courses that were bringing the traffic. And although this is not where Udemy wanted to go long term, they use this to their advantage and when they reached a growth level that could be sustained, when the snowball began to grow, Udemy changed.

From what I can remember it took Udemy 5 years to get to 10M students.  This is when they changed, they stopped supporting this courses and even kicked top earning instructors off the site.  It didn’t matter because the snowball was rolling fast now and within the next 2.5 years Udemy went from 10M students to 20M at the same time improving the quality of the courses they offer and removing anything that could get negative attention.

What’s this got to do with the Indonesian Community and Steemit?

The Indonesian community on Steemit is growing rapidly, check out the chart below which shows rapid growth since the end of October.


There has been a 58% increase in the number of Authors posting on Steemit since the start of 2018 to this community.  This is massive and above most other communities.  And this is because there are people on Steemit from these communities working very hard.  There are meetups held regularly, and it’s easy to find posts about these and most of these posts have photos with Steemains holding the steem logo or some sort of proof there are discussing Steemit.  I have not see as many in person meetups as there appear to be in Indonesia.

The level of media attention in Indonesia is growing strong. Check out this piece of information shared on discord


This is all very important for Steemit.  Growth, Traffic, Users, More traffic, More users. And Indonesia is charging ahead.  Indonesia is helping Steemit reach the traffic levels it needs for the snowball to start rolling at speed.

One big different with Steemit and Udemy though is the self-regulation and payment system.  On Udemy, they ‘used’ these instructors to get traffic and then rewarded them.  On Steemit, we have the choice what posts we reward.  Let’s embrace the traffic and publicity that Indonesia are bringing to Steemit.  For the growth phase of the platform both good and bad content are needed, strange as it may sound.

Let’s talk about Bad Content and how we can try an improve the situation on Steemit

Steemit is littered with content that is not, well let’s just say awesome.  It’s littered with spam and plagiarism.  For this post, let’s call all this collective ‘bad content’.  Every community and every tag has some.  We will never get rid of it, nature of the online world really.

But by educating and helping, there are many authors making changes and improving.  Whats better is the visible sign of members from the Indonesian and Ache communities educating their members daily about etiquette, plagiarism and spam. Maybe it’s not me, maybe I am not looking hard enough but I really don’t see this happening with such focus in tags like ‘Art’ or ‘photogrpahy’

The Indonesian community are taking the advice.  Check out this post from @imammalkimas sharing a message I have been trying to convey to this members of this community.


And then there is also @kisrael.  After being caught by @spaminator and receiving good guidance admits 

“To some extent, I didn't stand out for what Steemit is known for, Originaland Quality content.
So, I have myself to blame for the resultant effect of my actions and to the whole Steemit community, I say I AM SORRY.”

You can read that full post here


Let me share something else with you.  The levels of Spam and plagiarism are not as bad as you might think from this community.

Since the start of 2018 Cheetah has left 1100 messages on posts from the Indonesian and Aceh Community, spaminnator 22 and steemclearners 49.  There has been 149K posts made by this community during this time.


So here is what I am saying, there is bad eggs everywhere, there is bad content all over the internet.  Let’s not tarn everyone from one community with the same brush.  Given Indonesia a chance and maybe even support because at the end of the day, they are propelling the growth of Steemit and soon we will see some awesome whales emerging from this community.

Looking at business models such as Udemy, Steemit needs the traffic.  I have been working with the Indonesian Community and have belief in their ability, their willingness to learn and to grow and their ability to aid Steemit reach the traffic levels it requires.  I hope more people will join me in educating this community and supporting this community and let them promote, bring new users and much needed traffic.

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#whalepower is currently Supporting Indonesian.
A Curator must Ready able to Read / Moderate their content.
Higher Voting Delegation Falling in the wrong corrupt hands as I can see the Curators only give to theirs friends.
Watch Out!
I am multi-lingual and able to read many posts.
@bullionstackers for #whalepower

I agree with you @bullionstackers
I am from Indonesia. Many people say that many plagiarists are from Indonesia. In fact, sometimes one user has more than one account, or posing as a user from another country.
The reason, because curators from Indonesia do not work wisely.
But why go to another country? I see, in other countries, as bad as any article they write, they still get decent votes, their writing is appreciated, by their own curators. Look at user steemit from korea, china, japan, turkey, and even other countries, outside from indonesia. There are no empty posts. In fact, I myself have made one plagiarism account, i'm disguised as a user of korean country, korean language, I myself do not understand with writing from the country. but, everytime I write in korean, I have 6 to 8 votes in my post.
Back to Indonesia, as good as any article they write, or I write, even until there is not a single voice attached to the post, unless they lick the curators, or beg for them.
Curators from Indonesia have their own circle, if we are outside the circle they make, then there is no sound from them.
I think that's it, my face is very red if there are people who say that users from Indonesia are very influential in steemit.

I agree @eos-casper .
every post I have, I am very hard working ...
every result I make from my own creative effort, sometimes it takes up to 3-4 hours to complete the crash. but the copycats can get more results.
it could kill my imagination creation effort ..
I hope I am still supported with this news for sure work.
thank you @paulag

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

lucky for you being multi-lingual - I will have a look at the delegated power I have given to this community and make sure it is not just given to friends

Thank you for the friendly heads up and was not aware of #whalepower

#whalepower have doing Manual Curating since June 2017.
Our Ranking is not too bad. Recognize Permanent Tag !
I am not hesitate to Flag any bad contents, if found.

I also curate manually, but dont have the SP to make an impact...watch this space, I will be a whale one day:-)

It is not about you and me.
Steemit is about The Entire Platform.
#whalepower is only part of the platform.
I do have a Team of Curators , each to theirs own taste.
Oh!, you are not even quite a Dolphin yet.
We works in Pods derive the name from.
Should you need any assistant please do contact me. I am in Discord.

thank you kindly, I will contact you and I fully agree, it is not about you and me, in fact I don't even have the power I own, due to time constraints I thought it be better to delegate mine out cos I just don't have much time to curate at the moment, but give me a month and I will have so much more time - have a nice day, thanks for poping by

always be monitoring and emphasis on steemit progress.
success and glorious steemit Indonesia

Suporter to ksi


Im thankful for the comments I have gotten from the Aceh community. Many write good english and are involved in my posts. A small percentage of them do not speak good english and its hard to interact with them, as if they are using google translate which seems to get "lost in translation" sometimes. I enjoy their posts as their climate allows for some really tropical plants that I enjoy seeing. Its nice seeing life around the world.

Too much drama here!

The Academy award is on 3 March.. Can't wait to see the winner goes to.. 😂

Indeed Mr. Muklis...indeed, so let's try to stop this sad drama together. :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The best actor goes to...

Winners are .....?....ha...ha..!

This is a real or fake one? small percentage compare to the whole lager community?

This analisys also explain why we should care about indonesia..

continue your mission buddy, I will support every step you take. you are ok..?

itu yang banyak di mana (indonesia nya?)

Pengguna esteem terbanyak di 2017..
Lebih jelasnya pada post tersebut.

perfect graphic to explain - nice share thanks

Thanks for the very interesting post @paulag. I think that your post about indonesia highlights one of the major strengths of the decentralised and voluntary nature of the Steemit platform.

Censorship and demonetisation is the only option that traditional social media sites (twitter, youtube, instagram) and other user created content sites (Udemy) have to control unwanted traffic and user content. Unfortunately this method harms many creators of content unjustly.

On Steemit, the platform self regulates itself, yes you will have bad actors and opportunistists that come onto the platform, but they will be found out quickly and the platform users will take the appropriate action to flag such users. Yes there will be instances of incorrect or unjust flagging, however there are numerous cases of members defending others members that have been flagged unjustly and the issue being resolved.

Steemit has its imperfections, but its design is so ingenuis that although bad actors may be able to benefit in the short-term, it is the true value creators who will ultimately come out on top and do well on the platform.

I always just try to remember that Steemit is a community, Indonesia are members of that greater community. It does not really matter which community creates the value, it will ultimately be recognised.

Thank you, @paulag, you are very concerned about this community, you have a noble heart. I am amazed and proud of you. and I do not deny what you write in your article about Indonesian society. and that's the fact, bad eggs are everywhere. But what should we think about "how can we empower and process bad eggs into something that has more value?" Not necessarily something bad, it will always be bad, just like humans, not necessarily bad humans. We hope that bad will be good.

thats the idea, teach them the way

Excellent article

welcome back to steemit

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

I stand up for all the global audience everywhere... if we don't take the broad perspective, we're going to be just as bad as the governments and corporations that keep selling the developed road down the river of debt, poverty and exploitation. We gotta keep rising above it and uniting. Peace and let's keep diversifying our way to mega decentralized unity. peace all !!

well said

I can understand that people from less well off countries are desperate to make anything, but we have to persuade them that begging and spamming are not good strategies for steemit. There's great potential to build something amazing. People can start new businesses offering services, eg translation. As steemit grows we have to help the newbies get started on the right path

basically begging is not the answer for us .. we as a beginner can conclude that we need guidance .. and that we are begging it is a guidance to be more perfect our knowledge in mastering steemet forward .. thanks for your attention to our country that stillleft behind,

fall behind
drop behind
please can help us

I offer advice when I get a bad comment. Sometimes they take it

I agree with your opinion ..
if they are high level can help those who are weak .. then my analysis forward steemet will be more advanced and more easily get profit ..
even steemeans without any more beggars and even more professional users .. thank you lord for his opinion ...

-save the Steemet cadres

@steevc thank you for your comment. Steemit can offer so much, you are right and the more people willing to help newbies start on the right path or even turn a corner to make it to the right path the better

Thanks for make this article for indonesian @paulag

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Steemit is like a game so many minds are drained. So sometimes there is intrigue in it. I give the appreciation. Thank @paulag.

I applaud your care @paulag towards Indonesia and Especially Aceh. Nothing wrong you have said. It is reality now. Even the worst thing now is to provide flags for posting without any basis. But I concluded by myself that the flags of other posts are jealous. Who knows, the heart can not be dived.

In Steemit there are rules about plagiarism and corruption.
The law is dealt with under the law of Steemit.
Unless you say in your post that Steemit rules are not effective at preventing plagiarism and other things.

Thanks @paulag, Steemit users in Indonesia, and Aceh community on the rise, we're struggling to develop and educate them be writers and avoid plagiarism.

If among the users of Steemit Aceh and Indonesia there is plagiarism, meaning they are new to this platform without our introduction. But we keep trying not to be ashamed to ask them to ask about Steemit.

I think you're very concerned with Steemit users in Indonesia, and Aceh. But we are very sorry, many new users who introduce themselves correctly and get a guide without anyone appreciate it?

Thanks, we're very grateful that you care very much for us. Sorry if my length commented.

Definitely, there are good and bad in every region, race and country. Instead of getting rid of them, lets talk about finding ways of making them follow the right path. If we succeed, everyone will get benefit out of it. I completely agree with you on this matter.

Good job...

I really appreciate you to try leave comment here. I hear you have try to make and learn how to write in good in Bahasa Indonesia. Next time try to expand your ability and learn English language.

Good job! .... This word is the beginning, please try to expand your effort, try lot of practice and you will better soon. :)

we really like to write, although plagiarized, but in every post we always learn and keep learning, thanks for having made this post, honestly for me this is very interesting

Thank you @paulag have given your appreciation for us steemit indonesia.
we will also learn to post well.

we are glad that you become one of those who pays attention to our development in Indonesia and Aceh. we hope to develop Steemit with them in the community to get to know the real and clean steemit of red message. @paulag; Thank you very much

thanks my friend from indonesia who is in tag jabotabek. I see your post I am very happy. indeed Indonesia is growing rapidly with the steemit. start learning banyank without having to trace someone else's post and do good. and hopefully Indonesia is not always considered bad. thank you

Start much learning...(correction) koreksi buat start learning banyak . Good effort to try give comment in English. Just keep going on you will be better.

thanks a lot of masters who always support me and always teach me. I am proud to know you. you just near me I want to embrace to express my gratitude.

No... I don't want you embrace me, except you are pretty lady...ha..ha.. just smile and make original post and use good etiquette on steemit, you will be become better person and make proud for Indonesian community. Nice buddy ! :)

hahah i love this


please do not comment with words briefly dikolom comments of others.
because this is considered spam
the words you write are things that are prohibited on the steemit platform.
sorry i just give advice only

Just one word?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you for your attention to our especially, we are indeed new to steemit a couple of months, but we are trying to learn better, because we have a small community, KSI Chapter Jabotabek who where under the supervision of The community of Indonesia, and we here support each other mutually and learn to better make a decent post to read. Once again thank you so much for all his attention to the community of Indonesia.

Nice, let's try to share our knowledge to other, so we will make better and give education about steemit from two approaching. From personal and through small community

I agree with you, and let us together build this small community in order to be great, and you are a good teacher for me and other friends.


often an obstacle for me is to write well and correctly, because my base is not as a writer but I try hard to improve my writing for easy to understand.
thank you for opening the insight for us especially me as a new steemian in indonesia.

Greetings levi22

Yes, just keep going on to practice writing, you will better soon. Nice :)

Thank you for writing about steemit users in Indonesia and Aceh. Although growing very rapidly, I admit there are still many shortcomings of users steemit Indonesia and Aceh. However, we always learn to continue to produce good and useful postings.

Let's share our good attitude and make as example, hope we can give good example for newcomers. Nice !

It should be. Show, to new users that our community has good intentions in steemit.

I have seen plenty of good, original posts from Steemians in Aceh. I curated for the @foraging-trail and the @gardening-trail and some of the most successful folks there were from Aceh. Because they lived close to the land and wrote about their own experience, with photos of what's around them. The two most successful were @steemgold and @steemvest17. They are still cranking out the posts, too, and serve as good examples of consistent and persistent creators of original content! But the pressures to cash out are so strong, from the pressures of life, that it seems difficult for people to grow their own sustainable community.

hay @haphazard-hstead thank you for sharing such exampleory steemains with us

good information, this might be so our learning community in indonesia particularly special to be able to get better again

Indeed you're right

I very much appreciate your writing @paulag, I thank you a lot for guide and steer us in the right direction so the world steemit are not filled with spam, and things that smelled of cheating. We will strive to continue to make our original content and produces works as best as possible.

Thank you for your trust and support. I hope that I and this community can be even better. and I hope you will continue to provide trust and support ...

Thank you...@paulag

by @ alinurman


I like this post @paulag
Thanks for sharing,
at other times i will make better postings again :)

I bet you will make better post in the future

You are quite write in your arguement but that notwithstanding should not be the reason steemit should not take punishable action against serial plagiarists and fraudsters.


yes I agree, serial offenders are more than a pain in the ass. But many people want help and want to be shown the right way and I for one are all for positive change and giving people the opportunity.

I think you have a point!

I have to admit that the growth of Flatform Steemit users in Indonesia is really very high in a few months, but that is still some of us who do it, either by intent or without understanding more about steemit, thanks @paulag has written about us, this is what we need do to be better based on your reference

How does Anpaa's opinion in neutralizing the event of this discussion, so as to provide new ways for beginners in Faltform Steamed really understand the meaning of the White Book?

Thank you Soo much for your attention on Indonesian community. Actually we have given some education for newcomers from Indonesia. Many efforts we have done to educate how to use well steemit and about etiquette on steemit. Sometimes we use communities approach or personal approaching. Yes, that's still need a lot of effort to educate Indonesian user. But Personally, I prefer to educate Indonesian newcomers using personal approaching, also for public education using post that contains about how to use steemit well and make introduction etiquette on steemit through making post. Yes we still struggling to educate newcomers especially from Indonesia. But sometimes we give warn to steemians from Indonesia directly, when we see not appropriate posting.

thanks for stopping by @happyphoenix. I am not to concerned about the issues raised with this community because I know there are people like you doing the right thing and helping and educating. As long as we have that, we will produce awesome steemains no matter where they are from

@paulag my apologies, I share your posting to several Indonesian newcomers and ask them to read it and give comment. Some of them ever asked how to train their English, so I encourage them to read your post and try to give comment. My apologies, they're coming from various social background.

do not apologies....the more that see it the better, we welcome all backgrounds here :-)

Thank you so much :).

Reading your article and then bumped into your big-hearted comment here makes my day. Thank you for being so positive in seeing my fellow countrymen. Keep up the encouraging atmosphere, @paulag. Thank you from the Chain Of Emerald country in the equator.

I understand the meaning of this post, I am new in this steemit
thank you pack input
please help me from aceh

A very appropriate solution and that does not mean I want to advance, if the father's father is willing to advance should we be grateful.
I was originally from ACEH-INDONESIA .. I was initially confused with my enthusiastic steemet that was not achieved, but several days later I learned little by bit in order to deepen the science of steemet .. actually enthusiastic aceh people in particular need to be rewardedjust as you say (snowball)the spirit of aceh people in using a very large steemet even hope we can master the ins and outs more deeply ..
please guidance and direction for steemet advancement and growing the greater chance to recruit users .. thanks ..

Indonesia is an archipelago and a population that is overwhelmingly and now most of the population of indonesia, particularly aceh, steemit use with most steemit users in indonesia, no wonder if steemit should be concerned with the Indonesian..

I agree with your statement. I heard from some people that the dominance of friends from Aceh has developed steemit in Indonesia. But, I was looking into who actually came to the first conference to Amsterdam at the first SteemFest event initiated by @roelandp. I say thank you special for @paulag, have told me about this. very happy. also to @john.docla. Thank you very much,

i'm a plankton in this community. Generalization and stereotyping is not the way built understanding and good relation. We try to build the same value of sharing and giving too.

I understand what you feel, nowadays steemit grows in Aceh like mushroom in rainy season, even if there are many things that are not commendable it is understandable because new people are still looking for identity with steemit so sometimes they come out from the right path.
I have not been a month in steemit, but I am sure with the guidance of our seniors in Indonesia we can definitely be a good steemian and walk on the right rails.
Thank you @paulag for writing and we will continue to fight for the good of steemit.

follow and vote muktariza011095

Please don't do that, asking for follow and vote is not proper conduct on steemit.

I like it.. and that's my suport to me and to my brother steemian... help me and help to my brother in steemit this is mister @happyphoenix


I'm sorry


because if both the younger generation is good a nation

oke thanks

Hi bro @Happyphoenix... I have seen you several days ago around steemit and now it seems that you are very active... I just create a discord for Aceh (here) I think we can gather all of Acehenese steemian friends there. Wanna help me?!

Thanks in advance

please always be noticed @paulag


Let's support Indonesia. Regards Steemit Indonesia Community. May KSI advance. Thank you @paulag

Thank you for your interest. I've made a really wonderful article. Well done, my friend

Thanks for being objective in this case @paulag , really appreciate it
In my opinion, it will be a great opportunity for this community to learn more from this case. Indonesia as a country, Aceh as a province (as an entry gate for Steemit to this country), a developing one, is an ideal model for general cases in the future. In addition to that, there are some promotional campaigns running which targetting other developing countries like in Africa which I believe more less has the similar background with us (yes I am from Aceh, Indonesia).
It is the perfect time to think about a general treatment to keep this community clean and healthy.

I spot it that you cited one post from an Africa man @kisrael which strengthening my argument :D

Thank you for sharing interesting information about steemit development in Indonesia especially Aceh. Today steemit is very popular in Aceh.

please help in folow

very good story of her


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi, @paulag, Steemit as it stands is constructed to reward good quality contents and to ignore bad quality and plagiarized contents. Those who work hard to produce good contents have all the encouragement to continue, while those bad contents creators are naturally discouraged and subsequently would have no choice than to throw in the towel.

there is a lot of good quality content from this community but the average post payout is well below the average on steemit. Hold on I will get you some data to prove it


Almost 95% of posts from this category earn less than $1sbd

now compare this to the benchmarking report I produce where this is only 64%

Good stats. But sometimes, even when those with high SP and a good number of followers just sneeze, they earn over $100 SBD, but those without much SP, however good their posts are, they earn relatively very low.

As the platform keeps on growing, more and more trash will get here anyways... trash isn't geographically exclusive, and that's why it's vital that all of us spend time curating rather than delegating to bots.

you have reached the magic number...60 awesome....thanks for stopping by, and your comment is spot on

Thank you for your attention...

this writing pokes me ,, I feel ashamed of myself. I will try to make it a motivation for me to do better. @paulag

Thanks for sharing, it's broaden my knowledge

You are right, the fact is that this time. I agree.

yes , i know some of user of steemit from region of aceh had quite the etiquette, i try to warn them and give advice to them as long as i could. and i never quit, everyday InsyaAllah

but sadly they are so much of them, and some of them didnt even undertand english. i tried to talk to them in Bahasa. but they not response quite well.

lets hope the Aceh Steemit Community had the mean to re-educate the user of Aceh.

I just noticed the spammers and wrote a post to warn them. just a few seconds ago, and then I found this post.
I am from Indonesia, and I hope the community here will eventually learn something and bring something useful to the community.

Hi Paulag.. What's up. Your post I am very proud to read it ,, may if I share it so that other friends know about this copy paste mash.

Hi @paulag. I really like your content on this post. Its really inspiring to see the growth of #indonesia and #aceh steemian community.

In my opinion, As newbies here, what we really need now is the number of peoples in steemit community. The more the merrier. The community is still so small, how are we going to make #steemit.com no.1 social media platform if we discourage and blame newbies in the community for thier mistake. People learn from mistakes and grow stronger...

Of course #content is important but what is it for if no one look at it. Newbies will always go to the bottom post.

I @little.one, As a new steemian in this community from #malaysia feel quiet lonely in the community, there a so little #malaysian in the community.

Hope one day we all grow bigger together and @steemit.com can be no.1 biggest community in world of internet.

[email protected]


thanks paula, your post has made me want to reveal what ever happened to me so that arises reluctant to make a post at that time, I joined steemit in august 2017, but due to see chaos as you see I finally not active, and re-write and make a post 2 months ago. as a teacher and journalist I certainly do not want to get too involved in the matter, I want to just work and make a good post. while continuing to promote steemit in the local television media Puja TV Lhokseumawe, I served as studio manager and chief editor there,

I'm from aceh as a beginner I'm very aware that many plagiarists from us the little plakton, in fact it's all still in the learning stage, but as we grow we try hard to be the best, and of course by often reading writings from those who are senior in steemit, I often follow posting post from @abunagaya, but I still can not write a good post, and I often pay attention to stemian stemian beginners who grew up with me, there are those who make a post but there are some of us who try to write the best but do not pay attention or diupvote so stemian beginner who despair prefer to become plagiarism, not tired but payed, and which try maximal even its reputation still under not maximal , that's a bit of a picture of me as a stemian pelul a, thanks @paulag if you want to pay attention to the outpouring of my heart.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I do like your educational and supportive aproach, I think it's the key for a common succes. I also agree that indonesian or others countries content are bad at all. To think this would exclude any possible great creator. We also have to understand the situation in the country spammers are from, often facing economical problems. And spam can come from everywhere, as we see in the plattform.
I don't like Udemy aproach at all, to be honest. Are we going to use people just to let the numbers grow and then close them the doors? How will be the selection made? And this is what is already happening with the bandwith problem! Many minnows are not allowed to post nor use Steemit because they don't have the necessary resources! Is Steemit closing the door to regular people just because the numbers now are satisfing? I can understand the politics but I don't actually think that's fair in many ways!
The key, as you said and as you are putting your efforts to, is education and fighting the spam to me! Just a reflection!
Great and actual topic thought.

I love your comparism with the Indonesian community and udemy that's actually true when people lambast the Indonesian community but the truth is some countries community are even more worse.

However not to throw away the baby with the bath water I'd say I really think they need orientation, maybe a couple of meet-up will do, maybe a community curation buddy, this way they will know there is ettiquette and procedures and they will adjust to life here

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you, your post has represented our aspirations of Aceh and Indonesia steemans. Because steemit here has entered the countryside.

They all need a process, this is not the field of our people, but we do not want to be outdated

Great @paulag....i never get like this before..

I like this post @paulag
Thanks for sharing,
at other times i will make better postings again :) Aceh

Hai @rizalfauzi01
Tolong kreatif sedikit ya kalau mau komentar, kamu copy paste komentar saya , cuma beda satu kata : Aceh

Hi @ rizalfauzi01
Please creative a little yes if you want to comment, you copy and paste my comment, just one word difference: Aceh

@aishatigerlady Good point!

Good idea and very interesting @paulag

Well, When one of my friend introduced me steemit I was very excited but when he told me there is an algorithm bot called CHEETAH that is very very sensitive and fast to check the plagiarized posts. I was so frightened that I could not post my intro for 4 hours thinking that the cheetah will come to my post and degrade my account (Even I don't use plagiarized post though):-) But the point is "Bad Eggs". No one can stop people by doing so. there are always some unwanted and negative ones who will never take care of that. They will try to become rich over the night and to be succeeded in their purposes they will do all those available stupid activities until they fired out of this platform. Thinking to write a whole article about this. Please bear with my poor writing skills.

I canot say anything, iam acehness

Hi @paulag, as usual you make a very valid point and can back it up with some sensible data (and analysis). Indeed when I have seen new people join and do the 'wrong' thing I find it a much better strategy to guide them on the right path and help support their growth and development on the platform. If you simply 'punish' them then we are doing ourselves a disservice by turning people away when we all should have equal access and opportunities here.

I was also thinking the other day if anyone has actually looked at the amount of $$$ generated by content like those that are tagged nsfw but are actually just gambling, pornography or inappropriate content for the general community that we see everywhere else on the internet. I think it is much more important to not let those account siphon value from this community when there are so many talented people that don't get exposure.

I see so many talented and hardworking people from the Indonesian and Philippine communities really embracing what this platform is all about, so I think we should care about helping them instead of criticizing them.

hii im from indonesia.. and i think indonesia just want to share about her mind.. and i agree with your oppinion.. but indonesia has something more than other country..

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Finally I found someone who speaks with data in steemit. It is very interesting article in my opinion. I think I should write about this Etiquette issue too and to help my Acehnese friends. Last month I read about an articel about this issue too from @thecryptofiend (here). Many Acehnese (who join steemit) did not read about the welcome guide or Etiquette Guide . In addition, new user did not learn how to cite or mention the source of information they get. In one hand it is so sad, but on the other hand like you said

Given Indonesia a chance and maybe even support because at the end of the day, they are propelling the growth of Steemit and soon we will see some awesome whales emerging from this community.

Therefore, this month many Acehnese steemit attempt to avoid plagiarism by learning how to write their original content.

Oh by the way, from where you get the data (graphic) ?

I agree completely about what you are saying about the Art and Photography Tags.
Being two of the most popular tags to use they are litter with lots of low quality and plagiarized content. I have tried to give friendly comments in the past but the tags themselves are such a wide catch all term. What is ART anyway. These areas need to be divided into more sub tags and maybe the long promised community feature can help with this.

I think the community feature will help a lot with this, but with indonesia as a tag, well there are many community members and leaders working behind the scenes trying to reslove problems and what seems to differ is that the people doing the same in art or photography are not engaging with the community like the people from Indonesia.

Ngeon kamoe awak aceh pu mayang .

Heyy my Friend @paulag

Yes there may be some. but not all. I just know, we are Indonesian, some are still low educated. Not a Bachelor. We Indonesians quickly learn and adapt to anything, including on this steemit platform. But as long as I know, I invite my friends to join in Steemit, they are fast in learning. They try to give the best for Steemit.

Greetings from Bogor.

SALAM #satujiwa

many things that I think should be noticed, from the umpteenth of many users in Indonesia's special steemit as well as Aceh as the gate of steemit, their problem that must be followed up is a big problem in the case of plagiarism and copy paste. and I have guided them with articles I wrote, never plagiarism, because this is serious. but the lack of Steem Power for upvote is also a trigger of injustice in using this content, and I've created a post a few days ago, that the #aceh tag also requires content curators and SP support, and fills the plagiarism, Aceh has a growing Community , but no special attention. and the #aceh tag is like no man.

hallo @paulag I really like your posts, I hope you keep posting other interesting things.

greetings from me @riziqasshiddiq do not forget to stop in my posting


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