Minnow Showcase, FREE STEEM Training and FREE STEEM Power Delegation #12

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Earn 50 SP in Delegation for 4 weeks by learning more about STEEM.  

Are you finding it hard to get your head around STEEM?   It took me a long time to understand how STEEM worked.  With SBD, STEEM, Voting Mana, Resource Credits, there is just so much to take in for a newbie.  That, coupled with the RC problem new accounts have, I thought it would be beneficial to give free delegation to new accounts that have the hunger and want to learn more about STEEM.  

This course is FREE for Everyone to take - Even if you are not eligible for the delegation.

Rules for Entry for Free Delegation

• You must own less than 200 SP and your account must be less than a year old

• You must complete this course (which is FREE)  https://www.udemy.com/understanding-the-steem-blockchain-economy/

• When you complete the course, you must leave a message as a comment on this post.

NOT ELIGIBLE - DON'T WORRY YOU CAN STILL TAKE THE COURSE FOR FREE. JOIN over 1500 other people learning about steem.

What You Will Learn

This course is a non scammy, non get rich quick, factual resource to fast track what you need to understand about the financial workings of STEEM.  With this course you can learn in an hour what took me months to understand.

On complete this course you will have a deeper understanding of:

- STEEM and its role in the blockchain.

- SBD and its role in the blockchain

- STEEM Power and its role in the blockchain

- Voting mana and its role in the blockchain

- Resource Credits and their role in the blockchain

In addition to this you will learn how to use tools like the internal exchange, resource credit checkers, voting mana simulators and much more.

What You Will Get

50 SP Delegation for 4 weeks

This will get you 100 G in RC’s.  The current cost of a comment is 1.6G, a vote. 0.15G and a transfer 0.83G.  If you are creating comments with images or long form comments, they will cost you a little more.

At these levels 50 SP in delegation will give you around 10 comments a day, or 100 votes a day or 18 transfers.  

Meet Last weeks Delegates

I was hoping this section of the post would be a little curation of posts from those that have taken the course and received delegation. From last weeks post I only gave out 1 new delegation and I only issued it this morning.  So @princejonnie next week I will be featuring one of your posts here so I do hope you have a fantastic week and produce some great content.

Last week delegation went to @wasafieastman. @wasafieastman joined steem in March of this year and seems to be enjoying voting for others with 293 votes given in the last 7 days (slow down a bit your VP is running low).  A fan of partiko, @wasafieastman likes to share pictures.  You can check out one of his shares here:


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I love the initiative, Paula! I understand how hard it not just for a newbie but even lots of steemians who's been here for quite some time now but still don't fully understand how steem works.

I browsed your page and am so proud and thankful to everything that you're doing to the community!

Am happy to delegate 50 SP from my account to be added to your delegation price for four weeks.

Following you now.



wow thank you so so much for your support.

It's a pleasure, pls let me know the Steemit user to delegate the sp to.

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hi @paulag!

do you have the steem user name who won the 50 sp delegetaion for this round?

thanks for checking back in, I have just delegated 50SP to @natedebate for completing the course and sharing the certificate. Thank you so much for this extra support/

Am so greatful mum

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you are most welcome

I love this initiative and your course, Paula: you are simply great! 👏

A huge hug
@amico 🤗

I love hugs, they rock, thank you

Well, I send you also a kiss! ;)

@paulag thanks sanaa for the support will continue posting for more

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I look forward to reading some of your content during the week

Hi, I completed the course. It helped me so much, gave me a more clear vision on blockchains and steem and encouraged me to go on using steemit. Thanks

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

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Your UA account score is currently 8.161 which ranks you at #15 across all Steem accounts.
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In our last Algorithmic Curation Round, consisting of 207 contributions, your post is ranked at #1. Congratulations!

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Goooooood initiative ! @paulag :) ♥♩♬♬
thanks ! ♥

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@paulag much much very helpful course ! :)
but udemy too much buffering delay :(

and how about to change this article inserted images !
somewhat raising racial prejudice ! :(

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really, I never heard them complaints about udemy before. Can you watch videos on youtube?

@paulag yeah Youtube is preferred ! :)

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Hi Paula, I just finished the course. Thx.

Can you please share the udemy name in which you did the course, or share the certificate of completion, thanks :-)


fantastic stuff, I have just sent you on 50SP delegation for 4 weeks and I think the amazing
@purepinay is also going to add to that delegation. I look forward to seeing some great content from you during the week and I will showcase the best post in next weeks post. Congrats :-)

Great! Looking forward to moving forward here on the platform, and I will keep your course in my back pocket for referencing.

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