Is it time to buy? [Cryptocurrency-Workout]

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As you know, the prices droped a little bit in the past 4 days but that is good, if you
want to invest in cryptcurrency. It is
a good time to buy some or buy more of them if
you already have ones.
At the moment, I can't train my belly because the value of XLM
does not rise!


As you know, I make for ever %, the value of XLM rise, 20 crunches.
At the moment, I already have done over 2000 but now, the cryptocurrencys
don't rise, so I can't train myself!


If you have some money left, take it and invest in cryptocurrencys.
If you have any question about it, ask me.

Value of XLM: 0,598


So let's start.
Be a part of it!

I took the value from this website "".
I will see you tomorrow and have a nice day!

##parandox## //Andi//


What do you think about XLM is it a BUY ?

I would not buy at the moment. It is to crazy!

Ya... XLM is off my list but I still beieve it has good potential.

Today we have a massive raise. Did you invest?

Nope, I bought other coins with bigger potential. How about you ?

I will buy soon.
The prices are very low at the moment.

Yes, but don't wait too much.

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