I will change my body with this challange! [Cryptocurrecy-Workout]

in #steemit6 years ago

Nearly everybody want to change something on his body. I would like to train my belly.
Therefore I made a challange called "Cryptocurrency-Workout".


I will choose a Cryptocurrenzy what i like and that is "Stellar Lumens" (XLM).
Everyday i will look at value of XLM. After 24 hours i will compare them and count the differenze.
For every 1% i will make 20 crunches per day. That means, 10% are 200 chrunshes on one day.
If there is minus % I will do nothing!
The reason why i do this is, that i want to look how much muscles i will get, only of cryptocurrenzy!

Today i want to start it and at the moment the value of XLM is 0.3234 USD.
I took it from this website "https://www.coingecko.com/de".
I will see you tomorrow and have a nice day!

##parandox## //Andi//

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