Motivation For Creation | Words Of Advice From @andrarchy, The Content Director Of Steemit!

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Hello everyone, hope everyone has been having a great weekend so far! Last week I had the awesome pleasure of meeting with @andrarchy in Manhattan, NYC. If you guys did not know, he is the content director for steemit, and he explains his role very well in this interview style video.

I have been struggling with my motivation to create content - hence the name of this video "Motivation For Creation." I took it upon myself to directly ask @andrarchy some advice on how to stay motivated to keep creating content for the Steem blockchain. What he says in this video really was really eye opening for me, and may for you as a content creator as well.

In this video he says "there is an endless fountain of content to be created" which is very true. There is content to be made inspired by everything and anything. So when you are feeling fresh out of ideas, just remember that you may be overthinking things and just take a step back, because the beautiful thing about this is that you aren't forced to make content, and taking a breather is okay.

Also, @andrarchy stresses the fact that the way to stay most motivated is to be a part of a bigger project - something bigger than you alone. Not only will this add value to you, but this will add value to the entire blockchain and keep you motivated.

If you are part of a Steem based project, I would love to hear them in the comments below!

Thanks for watching,
Jane ❤️

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Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
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So Nice Steemit

Congratulations on this video! 😊

Nice Video Congratulations..

Yes i am also struggling to create contents @paolajane


I think one way to motivate Steem creators would be the ability to see the number of views our blogs get--is that possible or in the works?


Interesting, honestly for me I don't think seeing the amount of views would make too much of a difference for me. But I do think others will get a kick out of it :)
I remember I could see the amount of views my post would get, however I haven't seen it lately.

@paolajane content creation in steem .. needs lot of creative ideas.. this post did motivate me

Great interview Paola! So cool you got to meet the legend @andrarchy !


Thank you!! :) it was really great to hear what he had to say!

Kool kat with great advice! Stay the course people! Enjoyed!


Super kool kat haha, thanks for watching!

yeah need vote for motivation!!!

wow great your post keep it

Amazing motivation, I am very glad to hear the steemit derector content speaking, it's an honor. ☺

This is absolutely true, when you have been sharing a certain message for a while, you might get tunnel vision as they call it and finding creative ideas might get harder at this point. Stepping back for a moment is a great opportunity to see what you have been doing and to understand that there are an infinite amount of other subjects you could be learning and talking about instead.

I think the great thing about content creating is not necessarily about the people you serve the content to in the first place, what's also really important is how you develop as a content creator and what you learn by doing so in the process.

Just some thoughts that came up.

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

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nice information and knowledgeble information sharing

Wow, content director, he's cool and he actually started as an ordinary content creator. He really gave a good perspective to look from for creativity. Thanks for sharing.

I really like the stance on creating quality content there. There's definitely a big problem on other platforms when it comes to "I need views, so I'm just going to upload anything".
Really helps to prevent burnout too.